4Chloe replied to Mr. Bruns's discussion End of Year Teacher Evaluation-Up to Five Points Extra Credit
"This was a fun class and I really enjoyed it. I loved coming into class and there's always music playing and it wasn't all the same. I liked that you reminded us of our tests and form posts often even though I still forgot. You gave us different way…"
May 17
4Chloe replied to 4malachi's discussion Iowa's new gun laws
"I think this is a good law because then people can keep their family safe and defend themselves. Protecting you and your family would be better than letting the robber come in and do whatever. "
May 2
4Chloe replied to 6Emilia's discussion Why is "13 Reasons Why" being criticized by the teen mental health experts
"I have seen a few of the episodes. I think the experts have a good point and maybe it could cause more suicides, but for other people, this show would show how it would affect people around them. Others, this show won't effect them in any way. I don…"
May 1
4Chloe posted a discussion
All within 12 hours, 3 cops from the San Antonio area were arrested for DWI. The first one, 11 year veteran Gena Rodriguez, was caught Thursday night driving with her kids. She rear ended a truck and it caused a three-car wreck. She was ultimately a…
Apr 16
4Chloe replied to 1Kyle's discussion Palm Sunday Church Bombings in Egypt
"They probably did this because of their religion and beliefs. ISIS hates Christians and it is the religion that makes up most of the population. They will do anything to get people to follow their religion."
Apr 9
4Chloe replied to 3Emma's discussion 11-year-old Boy Hangs Himself After Girlfriend Fakes Suicide In an Alleged Prank
"I think the girl should be charged with something because her prank caused someone else to die and she should not have joked about that in the first place. I would be very upset if I were his parents. If he was not going to live then I think taking…"
Apr 9
4Chloe replied to 6Chase's discussion Wrongfully Convicted Man Gets $175,000 for 13 Years in Prison
"I would try to save the money. If everything was gone though, I would begin a fresh start. No, I do not think it was enough money because he probably lost a lot in those 13 years. "
Mar 15
4Chloe replied to 2Hadley's discussion Student in jail after throwing paper airplane
"I don't think he should've been charged or go to jail. I think the school should've more involved and given him ISS or something instead of law enforcement being a part of it. "
Mar 9
4Chloe replied to 4Jackie's discussion Hog Apocalypse
"Yes, I think that poisoning the food will work. I don't know what they will do with the bodies and I would not eat the meat from the hog cause I think it could make people sick."
Mar 8
4Chloe replied to 1masen's discussion Mother Arrested and Loses Custody of Kids for Homeschooling
"I don't think they should've taken her kids or given her any punishment. I was homeschooled for years and it was good because if it was too easy, I could work on something above my grade level or if i struggled, then I could work longer on that subj…"
Mar 7
4Chloe replied to 5Fay's discussion Crazy Meteor Caught on Camera!
"That sounds amazing. I think it would be really cool to see a meteor. I would probably pull over and stop to watch it and see what will happen. "
Mar 5
4Chloe replied to 4haley's discussion Beloved Hippo Dies After a Brutal Attack
"I think that the people who broke in to the zoo and killed the hippo should at least go to jail or more. To prevent something like this happening again, they could have more cameras put up and people to guard the zoo at night so it is watched 24/7."
Mar 5
4Chloe replied to 4Maggie's discussion April the Giraffe Prepares to give birth
"I think the internet is so pumped because people get excited even over the little things. I think that maybe there could be a small chance of something going wrong, but other than that I think that she will be okay. "
Feb 27
4Chloe replied to 6Hayley's discussion Shark- Boy
"I would let him surf by himself because he probably a pretty good surfer and knows what he's doing.  I would also let him go back the next day. Even if the shark went away, there's gonna be other sharks in the water no matter what so. "
Feb 2
4Chloe replied to 5Dillon 's discussion 5 year old detained at airport
"I do think that they went overboard because he was only 5 and wouldn't know what was going on and was probably also very scared. I think Trump will ban it as long as he can to help make the people safer. "
Feb 2
4Chloe replied to 2 Samantha 's discussion Famous YouTuber Pranked into saying the N-word
"I would be scared too and wouldn't know what to do.I would probably try to get out of it. I think they might've did that for the views and maybe to get more famous."
Feb 2
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