4mallie replied to Mr. Bruns's discussion End of Year Teacher Evaluation-Up to Five Points Extra Credit
"I really enjoyed the class. I thought it was really cool that you were involved and went over the maps with us everyday. You always had encouragement for us and I really liked that. I think that you teach very well. Although I think talking to some…"
May 18
4mallie replied to 2Hadley's discussion School Banned Yearbook Picture of Trap Shoot Team
"I think parents got mad because the trap team should be recognized just like all the other sports. It also probably made a lot of the students feel left out. I think they are against guns because of all the stories about people getting hurt or even…"
May 8
4mallie replied to 6Asia's discussion Unarmed Black Teenager Killed by Police
"I think he was shooting to make the teens worried and stop them. I think the officer should definitely be charged with murder and he shouldn't be an officer anymore. I would be extremely sad for losing a friend or classmate. I think they all need to…"
May 8
4mallie replied to 3Mavrick's discussion Navy Seal Killed In Somalian Raid
"I think we need to have a better plan before we just send more troops there. If I was in charge of the operation I would definitely come up with a for sure plan before acting and taking charge. I would also send better equipment to my troops. "
May 8
4mallie replied to 6Ronan's discussion What to expect from new iphone 8
"I think a lot of people will buy the phone but it will be extremely expensive for somebody to just go buy. I would not pay 1000 dollars for a phone that always has the chance to break or something go wrong. Also it's not going to be as popular later…"
May 8
4mallie replied to 5Deren's discussion San Diego Police Killed 15 Year Old
"I don't really know what I would've done to stop the student. I would try my hardest not to shoot him and hurt him just because he is a child and at school while it is happening. I think it is a good idea to have one because if other students get th…"
May 8
4mallie replied to 1Aaron's discussion Kevin Gates kicking fan in florida
"I don't think it was right for him to kick her. He could've went to go get security or walked away from her. There would've been much better options other than kicking her in the stomach. I think 180 days in jail would be enough but I also don't thi…"
May 8
4mallie replied to 4Jackie's discussion Jimmy Kimmel and his son
"I don't watch the show. I think that will he will talk about the issues and disease in his show because many people watch it and could hear more information about it. I think that he will have a normal life because he did have the surgery that saved…"
May 8
4mallie replied to 3Anna's discussion ISIS' Next Plan Involves U.S. Gun Shows
"I do think that gun shows should have background checks. You never know who is going to be handling the gun and what they plan on doing with the gun. I think they are also trying to target non-Muslim men just because they are Muslim and ISIS thinks…"
May 8
4mallie replied to 3Tyler's discussion Apple creating manufacturing jobs in the U.S.
"I think Apple would do this because they are realizing many people in our own country are needing jobs and they could make our country better with people having jobs. I think this will help America a lot because it is opening up jobs for our people."
May 5
4mallie replied to 4malachi's discussion Iowa's new gun laws
"I think it helps people protect themselves and their things. I believe everyone should have the right to protect themselves. I also think it is okay to protect your family and home with belongs instead of just letting the robber get what they want.…"
May 3
4mallie replied to 6Padyn's discussion FDA puts a stop on "illegal" cancer treatments
"I would stop selling the product because it could be dangerous for people using the product. I think it does make sense because companies shouldn't claim their product is going to cure, diagnose, or prevent cancer. It may stop people from going and…"
May 3
4mallie replied to 6Emilia's discussion Why is "13 Reasons Why" being criticized by the teen mental health experts
"I have watched the show. I feel like it could cause some suicides but not a whole lot. I think many people may learn from it by how others are effected when somebody takes their own life. I think letters or something should be done because you never…"
May 1
4mallie replied to 2Wyatt S's discussion Dog Food Recall Due to Euthanasia Drug
"I would definitely switch dog foods. I would want my dog to be healthy and eating safe foods. I would be trusting the brand and then hearing that their food may kill my dog would make me lose all my trust. I think people should get money back and ge…"
May 1
4mallie replied to 3Christian's discussion Bringing Water to The Desert
"I think that this machine could save many lives. Many people in hot areas don't have water and this could give them the water they need. I think it also could help people in need of clean water. It could help them a lot and many could survive."
Apr 28
4mallie replied to 4haley's discussion Young Autistic Arrested At School
"I don't think that the teacher should've pressed charges. Young kids usually say things and don't really mean what they say. He also couldn't control what he was saying. If I was the boy's mother I would be very disappointed with the school. It seem…"
Apr 28
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