4Lindsey replied to Mr. Bruns's discussion End of Year Teacher Evaluation-Up to Five Points Extra Credit
"I liked it because you always knew what was going on in the world most the time I'm clueless. You always remind us to make sure we have our homework done and reminding us of upcoming map tests. Honestly I would have all map tests done in groups of f…"
May 17
4Lindsey replied to 2Andrew 's discussion The Big Melt: Glacier National Park is losing its glaciers
"Well the humans are causing global warming so its due to both global warming and the humans. Yes I feel like we can reduce the amount of damage that we do on the glaciers."
May 15
4Lindsey replied to 2jkhamis's discussion Girl dies in British theme park Accident
"No, I don't think its all there fault for the most part I think they did what they were suppose to do. I think the ride should be closed forever because if a girl dies then that ride should never be opened again."
May 15
4Lindsey replied to 4Maggie's discussion Deadly diseases are making a comeback
"I think global warming is a huge problems and its a pressing matter that we need to try to reduce. I think that its terrible but I think it will be ok if we can contain it and help the people that got sick."
May 15
4Lindsey replied to 6Brady's discussion Worlds larges Cyber Attack takes place over weekend
"I think you should go to jail for a really long time and pay a lot of money and give money back to the people you stole it from. I wouldn't really care because Im not on my computer that much and plus its the school."
May 15
4Lindsey replied to 5Fidel's discussion White House: North Korea Has Been 'Flagrant Menace For Far Too Long!'
"I think they will be really mad and glad that they have us as an Allie. I don't if they were but the US would let us know and prepare us for the worst before something bad would happen to us. I don't know how they will but I do know whatever they do…"
May 15
4Lindsey replied to 1Dawson's discussion North Korea Test proves nuclear capability
"I don't think we should be scared until the US says we should because if there not scared then we shouldn't be. I think it would definitely start a war and a big one it would be terrible and devastating. "
May 15
4Lindsey replied to 5Dillon 's discussion Nascar Driver Fractures Vertabrae in Wreck
"No, but if they didn't race at all then they wouldn't have this problem. Maybe if there was an emergency break then than may have prevented some of the accident. I would never do It because your basically putting yourself in danger for what winning…"
May 15
4Lindsey replied to 3Cassidy's discussion Attack in Pakistan
"I think there's a chance that is could not be a terrorist attack because their government is also capable of doing this because they have before. So we really can't take their word for it because it could be completely wrong. I would try to help out…"
Apr 6
4Lindsey replied to 4Eli's discussion More than 250 people dead in mudslides
"I would probably freak out and wouldn't know what to do because I don't know a lot about mudslides so I would be lost on what to do or how to react. I would call anchorites and let them handle it because if I tried to help people I think I would jus…"
Apr 4
4Lindsey replied to 2McKenna's discussion Atlanta Bridge Is Falling Down My Fair Lady!
"I honestly have no idea but I would have to think that someone would have to start the fire because bridges don't just catch fire. I think the bridge is going to be extremely hard to fix but also to find a way to get traffic through fastly is anothe…"
Apr 4
4Lindsey replied to 2AJ's discussion Officer shot and killed a black person
"I don't think that her actions were completely justified because you shouldn't just shoot a guy because hes action strange. Yeah I think it is because if she is found guilty and is really innocent then that would be fair but if she were really guilt…"
Apr 4
4Lindsey replied to 1Anna's discussion Cub Saved by Oregon Man
"I would probably leave it there because 1st of all I would be to scared to move it and 2nd of all I know not to touch baby animals because the scent from you would be left on it and the mom would no longer want the baby. I don't think he made the ri…"
Apr 4
4Lindsey replied to 6Chloe's discussion Mom Reveals Nightmare of Losing Daughter to Flu
"Yes I think that if she had gotten the flu shot that it would build up her immunity to the flu and probably have saved her life. I would as a parent feel somewhat responsible because I should have gotten the flu shot for her."
Apr 4
4Lindsey replied to 2Douglas's discussion Russian Subway Bomb
"I don't think that this bombing in Russia will affect the US too much. I don't think that the US will get bombed anytime soon so yes I feel safe. I think the US is already doing a lot to end the war on terrorism so I don't think this will make much…"
Apr 4
4Lindsey replied to 5sam's discussion Severe Weather Hits Southeast
"I would probably make sure my home was secure and go down in the basement and make sure I have all the needs like food and water down there as well so I wouldn't have to go upstairs to get anything. If my town was destroyed by a tornado then I would…"
Apr 4
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