4Kyle replied to 5Deren's discussion San Diego Police Killed 15 Year Old
"I think i would have reacted the same way the officers did. The kid did not deserve to die but if he pulled a gun on the cops even if was a BB gun its still vary serious. I think a crisis hotline is a good idea even if nothing never happens its stil…"
May 11
4Kyle replied to 2 Derec's discussion Australian Soldier Killed in Training Incident
"I would be anxious and worried for the soldier. I would be worried that something like this could happen again. If i was related to the soldier i would wonder how this could happen in training ware its meant to be safe.  "
May 11
4Kyle replied to 3Anna's discussion ISIS' Next Plan Involves U.S. Gun Shows
"Gun shows should have back round checks. Even if doesn't stop them from getting guns it will slow them down. I think they target non Muslim because they see them as non believes and think they should be killed because they are not Muslim.       "
May 9
4Kyle replied to 2Hadley's discussion School Banned Yearbook Picture of Trap Shoot Team
"I think the parents got mad because they wanted to see their kids in the year book doing what they liked to do. I think people are agents guns because of all the mass shootings that there have been in the last few years. "
May 9
4Kyle replied to 3Mavrick's discussion Navy Seal Killed In Somalian Raid
"I think that sending more troops would show that this will not be accepted and that they wont get away with it. If I was in charge i wold be vary nervous of another attack. I wold make sure that the people out there risking there lives were better p…"
May 9
4Kyle replied to 2Douglas's discussion Russian Subway Bomb
"I think its already in the us and that it has been for a long time but its not as bad hear as it is in Europe. but i feel safe because of ware we live. I think the bombing will motivate more countries to fight terrorism."
Apr 6
4Kyle posted a discussion
North Korea says they have successfully launched a new ballistic missile. The Pukguksong-2, is a medium long range missile and a previously unknown part of its arsenal. It was test fired on Sunday according to the KCNA.  Kim Jon UN Was present at th…
Feb 12
4Kyle replied to 6Chase's discussion Delaware Prison Siege
"In my opinion more security should be added the security should also be better trained and equipped to deal with those situations. If i was an trying to escape wouldn't be worth it the chance of being killed or caught would be to high.   "
Feb 3
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Jan 6
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