4EmilyG replied to Mr. Bruns's discussion End of Year Teacher Evaluation-Up to Five Points Extra Credit
"I enjoyed this class, it was very fun but we did it in a learning way. I liked how if you had a question he has the answer for you right way. I think he is a great teacher dont have anything to say negative about you. Yes he accomplished all two goa…"
May 17
4EmilyG replied to 6Ronan's discussion What to expect from new iphone 8
"Yes i believe many people will buy it but it is going to be very expensive. People out in the world want everything new. That will be a day that everyone will want it. Yes and no yes if i really needed a new phone and no because i like my phone and…"
May 9
4EmilyG replied to 6Asia's discussion Unarmed Black Teenager Killed by Police
"I think the officer shoot to scare the people in the car so they would stop. The officer probably didntdo it on  purpose but he should have shoot at the tires instead of in the car. If i was the friend i would be very scared and wouldnt know what to…"
May 8
4EmilyG replied to 3Mavrick's discussion Navy Seal Killed In Somalian Raid
"Before sending more troops over there i think we would need a better plan and even a better back up plan. We will have to get better equipment so the troops would do better. Its not worth sending more troops then having them just killed. "
May 8
4EmilyG replied to 1Aaron's discussion Kevin Gates kicking fan in florida
"I dont think it was right for him to kick her. There are more smarter opinions that he could have done. i think 180 days in jail is enough hopefully he will learn his lesson and make better choices then just fighting."
May 8
4EmilyG replied to 5Deren's discussion San Diego Police Killed 15 Year Old
"If i was the police men i would be scared and wouldn't really know what to do. i would try to stop the shooting as best as i can.  I feel if there were a crisis team at the school it could be better but people will take things to the next level to m…"
May 8
4EmilyG replied to 4Jackie's discussion Jimmy Kimmel and his son
"I have not watched this show but i'm guessing that he is going to put it on his show so other people could know more about the disease and issues. I think they caught it early enough so I think he will have a perfect life."
May 7
4EmilyG replied to 4 Emily M.'s discussion South Korea Says THAAD funding deal remains unchanged
"I think the South korea should have to pay there problem because its really not the US problem to pay for it. The united state has to pay for more things and they should have to worry about pay for the South Koreas. "
May 2
4EmilyG replied to 5Nicole's discussion Will Michelle Obama Run for Office?
"it depends on what she is wanting to change and how she does things. People may like her and some people may not. She is very educated and knows a lot of information. She was always there supporting Barack."
May 1
4EmilyG replied to 6Emilia's discussion Why is "13 Reasons Why" being criticized by the teen mental health experts
"yes, I have watched this show and I liked it. I hope is shows people that not everyone's life is like your. Some people have tough times and people don't know. I hope people will be nice to other and treat them with respect.  "
May 1
4EmilyG replied to 6Padyn's discussion FDA puts a stop on "illegal" cancer treatments
"in my opinion I would stop selling the medicine so it doesn't hurt anymore people. I feel they should make something better that will actually help. I think the FDA should stop selling it if its not helping anyone."
May 1
4EmilyG replied to 2Wyatt S's discussion Dog Food Recall Due to Euthanasia Drug
"I would get a different brand right away so my dog doesn't get sick or even die. I feel that those who bought this kind of dog food should get some money back if there dog got really sick. Im glad they caught this."
May 1
4EmilyG replied to 4malachi's discussion Iowa's new gun laws
"I think this law could help many people if they are getting attacked. They could protected there family's better by having more control. This law could be dangerous also people could lie and just shoot them. I hope people just use the law safely."
May 1
4EmilyG replied to 6ChloeC's discussion Google Home Just Became More Personal
"I think that system is very good and it will help people being more protected. but there could be some bad in this because is you are sick and have a cooled you voice could be different. So there are positives and negatives. if someone wanted to get…"
Apr 28
4EmilyG replied to 6Marisa's discussion Stupidity That Came from Wounded Pride
"I would be sorry for his kids because they would have to deal with listing to people talk about what he did. What he did was very wrong that could be very bad. I don't really feel sorry that he is in prison. I feel bad for his wife too. she had to d…"
Apr 27
4EmilyG replied to 3Christian's discussion Bringing Water to The Desert
"I feel like this machine could really help many people that need clean water. There are people out in the world that have no clean water and this invention could help all those people that are dying of thirst.  "
Apr 27
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