4AustinS replied to 2Wyatt S's discussion Dog Food Recall Due to Euthanasia Drug
"I would switch dog food because I would not want my pet to die or get sick. I think they should get money back or pay for their  bills I think that  will be fair ish."
May 4
4AustinS replied to 2Hudson's discussion Electric Aviation
"I would kinda feel not safe because it could have a shortage and you would crash and die. No i don't think it is a good idea to test it out on old planes because you would have to fix them up and all of that stuff."
May 4
4AustinS replied to 3Tyler's discussion Apple creating manufacturing jobs in the U.S.
"I think they would do this to make more money to grow and get bigger and I htink they are doin this to help pople out and give people more jobs to the unemployment rate is down."
May 4
4AustinS replied to 4malachi's discussion Iowa's new gun laws
"I think it helps people and it could save many live because they don;t have to be in the farthest room away from the break in to defend them self's they are just inviting them to take more stuff in the house I think its okay to protect your family a…"
May 2
4AustinS replied to 6Emilia's discussion Why is "13 Reasons Why" being criticized by the teen mental health experts
"Yes i watched the show, yes i think there on to something that it might cause more suicides because people are join about it and some people take it serious. 2 no because its peoples choice to watch the show and lean what happen.  "
May 2
4AustinS posted a blog post
Monday - Map test and went over us mapTuesday- Went over map and current event and read a article on isisWednesday-  went threw the us map went over a current event and and read a article on isisThursday-. No SchoolFriday- No School   
Apr 12
4AustinS replied to 3Emma's discussion 11-year-old Boy Hangs Himself After Girlfriend Fakes Suicide In an Alleged Prank
"Yeah I think the girl or girls should be charged because they caused someone to kill them self because of a stupid prank and that's not cool at all so yeah they should be charged for something and i don't agree they should have done that they could…"
Apr 9
4AustinS replied to 2jkhamis's discussion Shooting at upscale Florida Mall leaves 2 dead!
"I think the reason why he shot them up is because they probs did not treat him with respect or treating him like crap and so because of they he shot them and i don't think he should have shot them for that."
Apr 9
4AustinS replied to 4Steven's discussion Europe separatist group (eta) willingly disarms
"It could be a alright thing to do but on the other hand it was not a very good thing to do but they can still go after groupes and get there answers."
Apr 9
4AustinS replied to 4Ryan's discussion The Brodie Makes History
"Well he earned anyway even though his teammates helped him out a little bit is he sopose to do it by himself he is not the only person on the team. I think he would be happy by tying it but he would be even happier if he broke it witch he did."
Apr 9
4AustinS replied to 6Eli's discussion Russia and Iran Warn Trump they will Retaliate
"It can go both ways i think it was not smart because you pissed off people more then you already have then you drop missals on them so it was not very smart we better  hope they don't retaliate because if they do we are doomed not totally doomed."
Apr 9
4AustinS replied to 1Kyle's discussion Palm Sunday Church Bombings in Egypt
"I think someone how would do this are messed up in the head and they probably don't have education so they can't make the right decisions or they are not accepting opinions of peoples religion. "
Apr 9
4AustinS replied to 5Fay's discussion Beatle's Reissue
"I do not listen to the Beatles very often like once in a while or at school maybe. I do not know much about vinyl recording but idk if there are differences to them.  "
Apr 9
4AustinS replied to 3Justina's discussion Sesame Street “Sees Amazing in All Children”
"Its cool that they added this to the show because it adds to the show and gives more to the show and its sayin its okay it be different and all of that stuff and they should add more different characters in the show."
Apr 9
4AustinS replied to 2Brock's discussion Four Year Old Boy Gets Suspended From Preschool Because Of A Spent Rifle Shell
"I think that the preschool is being to harsh because how would that little boy know that hes not sopose to bring that to school is only 4 he wouldn't know better. I think he will learn that don't bring bullets or stuff from grandpas house to school."
Apr 9
4AustinS replied to 2 Carter's discussion NFL Quarterback Arrested
"Yes he should be punished by the NFL and the punishment meant should be a suspension for like 6 or 10 games at least because players that get busted for drugs get suspended for 4 games he should at least get 6 or so games."
Apr 7
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