3Sirriniti replied to Mr. Bruns's discussion End of Year Teacher Evaluation-Up to Five Points Extra Credit
"I loved learning info I never would have fully understood
Nothing. It's perfect
When we do class quizes, its always fair bc we all get the same amount as chances
Both. It's good to learn how to present as we may need it later in life."
May 18
3Sirriniti replied to 5Deren's discussion San Diego Police Killed 15 Year Old
"I would not take action immediately. This kid has been through some stuff. Negotiations are possible.
Yes, of course. Anything can happen. Dangerous emotional breakdowns, school shootings, natural disasters. "
May 12
3Sirriniti replied to 6Asia's discussion Unarmed Black Teenager Killed by Police
"He didn't mean to. The teens could've hurt someone with their reckless driving.
I would mourn him.
Not just in police departments, but everywhere. You can't just assume something."
May 12
3Sirriniti replied to 2jkhamis's discussion Girl dies in British theme park Accident
"Well, if they took the correct safety precautions, then they could have probably avoided it. But accidents happen.
Yes. I think that the ride should be shut down permanently. If the little girl passed away, then what's to say that it won't happen ag…"
May 12
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Kate Foster, a gymnast, began training in gymnast at the age of six. She was very dedicated to the sport. Having put in 25 hours a week at the gym. But she couldn’t continue her training, when she started feeling sick. For months the illness would c…
Apr 19
3Sirriniti replied to 3Paityn's discussion 15 injured and one killed at nightclub
"Hide behind the bar, or in the bathroom.
Drag them to hide with me."
Mar 28
3Sirriniti replied to 5Alex's discussion 3 teen invaders killed
"I would run, because I don's own a gun. 
Maybe, maybe not. He should have tried to talk them out of going through with their plans"
Mar 28
3Sirriniti replied to 6Spencer's discussion Attack on London
"I think it was an ISIS inspired act, but ISIS had no part in it.

I think they should background check everybody."
Mar 28
3Sirriniti replied to 4Maggie's discussion April the Giraffe Prepares to give birth
"Because giraffes are handsome creatures.
According to the post she has had 4 children before this, so everything should go smoothly."
Feb 26
3Sirriniti replied to 2Wyatt S's discussion Dozens Injured After Truck Rams Mardi Gras Crowd
"Partly I think that it was on purpose. Why would he be driving in a crowd of people?

Just a couple of months in jail."
Feb 26
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