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May 12
3Janeth replied to 2 Derec's discussion Australian Soldier Killed in Training Incident
"To witness such a horrible tragedy is unimaginable, I would be afraid of my safety as well as the safety of my fellow soldiers. If I were a relative of a solider who died in training, I would be questioning what occurs during these drills. I would h…"
May 11
3Janeth replied to 2jkhamis's discussion Girl dies in British theme park Accident
"The park staff could have secured her into the seat of the ride properly, perhaps even preventing her death. It’s horrific to think that a child died on this park’s amusement ride, but it was nice of them to suspend the ride as respect to the family…"
May 11
3Janeth replied to 6Asia's discussion Unarmed Black Teenager Killed by Police
"In my opinion, the officer seemed to have shot the car to stop them from getting away. Although, it doesn’t make sense, seeing as the officer could have stopped the car in many other ways instead of shooting immediately, knowing teenagers were invol…"
May 11
3Janeth replied to 5Deren's discussion San Diego Police Killed 15 Year Old
"In the position of one of the police officers, I would not have fired to kill, especially someone as young as 15 years old. I understand the boy did posses what seemed to be a real gun at the time, but the officers could have injured him instead end…"
May 11
3Janeth replied to 3Mavrick's discussion Navy Seal Killed In Somalian Raid
"As one of the most powerful countries in the world, it’s our job to help troubled countries. Although, I don’t believe sending more soldiers to Somalia is going to resolve this conflict. In the position of the leader, I would train somali soldiers w…"
May 11
3Janeth replied to 2Hadley's discussion School Banned Yearbook Picture of Trap Shoot Team
"The parents of the students were most likely angered by this because, like many argued, the shotguns are the sport’s equipment. I understand the school’s reason to remove the picture, guns have become the symbol of violence. In a way, the pictures s…"
May 11
3Janeth replied to 5sean's discussion French plan to create €5-billion science ‘super-campus’ in disarray
"The price to enter this “super-campus” would be quite pricey, but it would definitely be very interesting seeing as it revolves around science. It’s an intriguing idea, but the cost to build is far too much. Instead, they could use that money to hel…"
May 11
3Janeth replied to 2Will's discussion Plus-Sized Runner Makes Big Strides
"If a doctor were to tell me to change my lifestyle in order to live longer, I would immediately take their advice. I would try to eat healthier and exercise as often as I could, it’s a small price to pay to be able to live a long and healthy life. B…"
May 10
3Janeth replied to 1Aaron's discussion Kevin Gates kicking fan in florida
"Violence should never be the solution to any problem, he could have called the security or someone for help. What Dixon was doing was not mature, regardless of whether she was a fan, but Gates shouldn’t have kicked her into an unconscious state. He…"
May 10
3Janeth replied to 6Ronan's discussion What to expect from new iphone 8
"Apple is the world’s largest technology company, nearly all of their products have become popular upon release. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see countless of people lining up to buy the new iPhone 8. Personally, I absolutely love technology, but…"
May 10
3Janeth replied to 3Anna's discussion ISIS' Next Plan Involves U.S. Gun Shows
"Any business or location that sells guns should require background checks in order to purchase them. Too many horrific events have occurred in the United States that involve guns, it’s preposterous to think guns are easy to obtain. In fact, with the…"
May 8
3Janeth replied to 4Jackie's discussion Jimmy Kimmel and his son
"I have yet to watch his show, but I do know he has a very big audience. With the amount of publicity he has, he can encourage donations for his son and many other children. Thankfully, the doctors and nurses were able to discover the heart complicat…"
May 8
3Janeth replied to 3jack's discussion Larry Bird Steps Down as Pacers President, Expected to Remain as Consultant
"If I were in Paul George’s position, I would be very distraught. It seems the only reason why he is in his current position is because of the former president. Now, the possibility of him losing his position is much higher. Larry Bird could have bee…"
May 4
3Janeth replied to 4 Emily M.'s discussion South Korea Says THAAD funding deal remains unchanged
"I believe both the United States and South Korea should try to develop a plan to fund THAAD equally. South Korea is in constant danger of being invaded and taken over by North Korea, as one of the strongest countries in the world we should try to he…"
May 4
3Janeth replied to 6Padyn's discussion FDA puts a stop on "illegal" cancer treatments
"I, myself, would stop selling these horrible products; they’re endangering the lives of many people, potentially killing them. Although, you have to take into consideration why these companies do this, which unfortunately is for money. I completely…"
May 4
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