2McKenna replied to Mr. Bruns's discussion End of Year Teacher Evaluation-Up to Five Points Extra Credit
"1. I liked the group tests. You did good explaining things and being flexible with tests.
2. I would minimize the forum posts requirements.
3. Yes, you've done great.
4. I like a mix because if it's just one then it'll get boring."
May 17
2McKenna replied to 2Andrew 's discussion The Big Melt: Glacier National Park is losing its glaciers
"1. I think that could definitely be a part of it. I also think that just over the course of years things do change.
2. Yes, I do. I think that the park staffs are doing great jobs to keep them in condition but there could be more to do. "
May 16
2McKenna replied to 5Dillon 's discussion Nascar Driver Fractures Vertabrae in Wreck
"1. Yes, there are a ton of safety precautions. Of course there could be more but they've done their best.
2. Yes I would. Even though it's dangerous, not everyone has to wreck. It just depends on how everyone is driving and the conditions. "
May 16
2McKenna replied to 2jkhamis's discussion Girl dies in British theme park Accident
"1. I think that it's the staffs problem because if they had checked and secured each person, this wouldn't have happened. Even if she was so small, they shouldn't have let her ride.
2. I believe that if the staff learned their lesson and will start…"
May 16
2McKenna replied to 5Fidel's discussion White House: North Korea Has Been 'Flagrant Menace For Far Too Long!'
"1. I think Russia will be upset. I think that they might try to fight back or make sure that nothing bad happens to them.
2. I believe that North Korea is trying to take control over other countries. I think they'll do whatever it takes to have comp…"
May 16
2McKenna replied to 2Hadley's discussion School Banned Yearbook Picture of Trap Shoot Team
"1. Their kids might not all be athletic and involved in a lot. This means that this could be there one shot to shine and now it's being taken away from them.
2. They think it promotes violence. They think that they could kill someone or they don't l…"
May 8
2McKenna replied to 5Deren's discussion San Diego Police Killed 15 Year Old
"1. I would've taken more precaution. I would've tried to tell the student what happens if he doesn't drop the gun. 
2. Yes because that way you can get all of the students safe in a short amount of time. I think that more schools need to have this p…"
May 8
2McKenna replied to 6Asia's discussion Unarmed Black Teenager Killed by Police
"1. I think that he shot him because he thought that the teenager was armed, thinking of running, or had illegal substances. I think that he should be removed from his spot and he should be trialed.
2. I would be very saddened. I would try to support…"
May 8
2McKenna posted blog posts
May 5
2McKenna replied to 3jack's discussion Larry Bird Steps Down as Pacers President, Expected to Remain as Consultant
"1. I would probably make sure that I wasn't going to be traded and be very afraid. I would do everything I could to keep my spot and work very hard. 
2. Well, as Larry Bird has been in this organization for a long time, people usually leave after aw…"
May 1
2McKenna replied to 4 Emily M.'s discussion South Korea Says THAAD funding deal remains unchanged
"1. I believe that South Korea should pay for THAAD because even though we'll be protected as well, it's their defense system. If they don't have enough money I believe that we should at least pitch in somewhat because it could protect us. 
2. Becaus…"
May 1
2McKenna replied to 4malachi's discussion Iowa's new gun laws
"1. I think it is a good thing but could also be a bad thing if used incorrectly. It's a good idea because if you are under attack or at gun point, you can defend yourself. 
2. I think it's okay to protect your family but not kill the robber. I think…"
May 1
2McKenna replied to 2Hudson's discussion Electric Aviation
"1. I think it would save the environment and could be beneficial for faster and more efficient air travel. I wouldn't fully rely on this transportation yet though because there could be many malfunctions as it is pretty new.
2. Yeah sort of because…"
May 1
2McKenna replied to 2Wyatt S's discussion Dog Food Recall Due to Euthanasia Drug
"1. I would definitely buy a different brand right away. I wouldn't want my dog to get sick and die. 2. I think that people should be able to get money back. I also believe that if the dog does get sick or die that they get some sort of deal out of…"
May 1
2McKenna replied to 5Nicole's discussion Will Michelle Obama Run for Office?
"I think it depends on her views as a president what she would be fighting for. Having her in office would mean more than just making sure children get healthy foods. She would have to be aware of foreign affairs, etc. 
I think I would stay in the wh…"
May 1
2McKenna replied to 6Emilia's discussion Why is "13 Reasons Why" being criticized by the teen mental health experts
"1. Yes, I've seen the show. I can definitely see where experts are  seeing as this show could trigger feelings in certain people. Although this could cause problems, not everyone is affected the same way so it might only affect the people who take i…"
May 1
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