Why aren't kids being taught cursive anymore?

The concept of writing in cursive came from the ancient Romans when in the 5th century they started writing in “flowed like modern cursive”. People that were in different professions would write differently, the same as men and women. 

In 2010 they dropped the requirement to teach students cursive. Since we have computers and we can just type out the words there was no need to be writing in different fonts and styles. Then we started practicing in school how to type fast and accurately. 

Writing in cursive is faster when you actually know how to write in it. It offers a life skill for students that can help with note taking, test taking and motor skills. Except for students who are just being tested on if they know the information, not on how they are writing. Researchers have found that writing by hand in general can help you recall what you are writing about. People are worried that when we get older we won’t be able to sign our name which commonly is in cursive, but print is acceptable. 

I think that it would be important for us to know how to write and read in cursive but if we don’t it’s not going to affect us greatly. 


Do you think it should still be required to be taught cursive?


Do you remember how to write in cursive?

Should Schools Bring Back Cursive Handwriting? | Reader's Digest


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  • I think we should be taught cursive because some students don't have good handwriting. However, learning how to write in cursive could improve their handwriting. I remember how to write in cursive, but I never use it. 

  • Yes, I think learning cursive should be a requirment. I think this may possibly need to be retaught, because not everyone knows how to write it, I do but not completely. This would be benificial in matter of writing your signature on important papers and checks. 

    • Maybe not a requirement but a class you can choose to take because you don't have to write your name in cursive for your signature.

  • I think it should be required to be taught cursive because there are students. There are students out there that don't know how to write in cursive because you use cursive to sign checks are important papers.

  • I think cursive should be required. I  canno't read cursive,but wish I could. I think it's very important to be able to read it and they need to teach it more.

    • I agree because for older people it was required and they might write in cursive all the time and you wouldn't be able to read their handwriting.

  • I do agree that cursive helps write notes faster but thats about it, its also pretty. I think kids could learn more impotrtant things now then being able to sign your name in pretty letters. They could learn ASL instead, for they could comunicate to people hard of hearing.

  • I think we should at least learn our names in cursive for signing a paper. Also I still partly remember how to write in cursive because we still have to know how because we need to sign for a check.

    • You don't have to for a check or your signature at all. You can write it in print. But some people remember and some people don't so it's really not nessecary. 

  • I have never been good at cursive. Maybe it is because I never gave an effort to be good at it. However, I think that cursive should be an optional class for students. For some, it could be a waste of time, for others, it could be a great skill to use on a day to day basis. 

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