Which Is Better: Marvel or DC?

   Marvel or DC? Reasons why people think DC is better are because it made the first superheroes, has better comics than Marvel, and has better supervillains. Some reasons why people think Marvel is better are because Marvel has relatable superheroes, better character development, and Marvel has more successful characters.

   Some of the first popular superheroes were Superman and Wonder Woman and they were both from DC. Marvel may have amazing movies, but DC has better comics than Marvel. Marvel comes out with about 1-2 movies per year, but you can get great DC comics every month. DC villains sometimes get their own TV show or movies. Most DC villains are more memorable and iconic, like the Joker and Harley Quinn. Also, some of Marvel's super villains are just their superheroes but bad.  Marvel has relatable superheroes like Spider-Man. Spider-Man faces many problems that relate to school or family, like the death of his parents and uncle. Marvel focuses more on the character, unlike DC which focuses more on the plotline of the story. One of the character developments Marvel has is Loki. He first starts off as a villain, but he slowly turns into a superhero which gets him his own show. Lastly, Marvel has more successful characters. Marvel does a great job at marketing their character. DC really only focuses on Superman and Batman. Marvel took a risk on trying to make some characters known like Ms. Marvel or Moon Knight. DC seems like they don't want to take the risk of trying to make characters known. 

   Personally, I like Marvel more than DC because Marvel movies are more interesting than DC movies Marvel's movies are also more humorous, which makes them easier to sit through. DC's characters are really overpowered, and Marvel's characters aren't that overpowered. Also, I have known Marvel longer than DC because of the Spiderman movies. Spiderman is probably one of the best-known superheroes ever.


Do you think Marvel is better than DC?

Are any of your favorite movies from Marvel or DC?






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    • You're right! Marvel movies are way more interesting than DC's movies. Most of DC's movies are boring and uninteresting unlike Marvel's which are really humorous!

  • In my opinion, Marvel is better. it has much more cinematic movies. and has a much higher income yearly. DC comics are a lot better than Marvel though. Marvel movies are just generally more enjoyed than DC. It's really up to the individual person. 

  • I think that marvel is better than Dc because the charaters are better than the ones from DC. The civil war is one of my favorites because of the way they had the scenes. The End Game movie was good to because of it wasn't like the others it was based in something else.

  • Yes, Marvel movies are amazing. Marvel movies are by far way better than the DC. DC has great comics and animated tv shows. but its movies are lacking everything a great movie has. One of my favorite movies from Marvel has got to be Wakanda. Wakanda was a great movie with a great plot. It had amazing characters and I've watched it multiple times.   

    • I agree, Marvel is way better than DC movies because Marvel movies introduce new characters or give different characters the spotlight. DC always gives the same 5 or 6 characters the spotlight and they never introduce any new characters. 

  • I think that Marvel is far better than DC. DC movies are mostly dark and get boring a lot faster than Marvel movies do. Marvel movies have more action, and more interesting characters than most of the DC characters do. I do think that Marvel is better than DC, because of the reason I have stated as well as the fact that there have been more movies, and they have all proven to do better than DC movies. 

    • I agree, most of DC's movies are very boring and they don't really grab my attention like the Marvel movies do. DC does have some good movies but not as much as Marvel. 

  • In my opinion, Marvel has DC beat on the movie front, although I believe that DC has much better comics, shows, and animated movies than Marvel. Not that DC doesn't have good movies, just that Marvel has many good ones, and a very good cinematic universe. When reading DC comics, I feel that DC wasted a lot of potential throughout many of their movies that they made. Although Marvel has better movies than DC, there are many animated series and movies that make up for it.

  • I think that Marvel is better them DC, you get a lot of options to watch and Marvel movies are just made better. My favorit movie is from marvel I like Caption America it is really good and would highly recomend for a lot of people who dont watch marvel or dc.

    • I also think Marvel is better than DC. Marvel has a bigger variety of movies than DC. DC's movies mostly include the same characters over and over again. Marvel introduces new characters with movies and sometimes gives them their own tv show or movie. 

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