What Should The Legal Drinking Age Be?

Most places in the United States have their legal drinking age set for 21 since the Drinking Age Act was passed in 1984. Ever since then it hasn't changed that much only with some smaller states changing it to higher or lower it. However, currently it is set for 21  no younger and no older for all 50 states in the US. Some have argued it should be lowered to 18 because it will actually help lower death rates and binge drinking in younger teens. Some also argue it should be highered.

Many argue that if you lower the MLDA (Minimum Legal Drinking Age) to 18 then it can lower binge drinking in underage youth and encourage responsible drinking habits. Lowering the MLDA will normalize good and responsible drinking habits among the youth. Those are some of the reasons why we should lower the minimum drinking age to 18.

However, some argue that lowering the legal drinking age to 21 would be bad for the youth and have more deaths by drinking rise. According to the cdc, "Excessive drinking contributes to more than 3,900 deaths among people below the age of 21 in the U.S. each year". 





What age do you think the MLDA should be at?

Do you plan on consuming alcohol when your older?

What is your opinions on drinking age?

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  • I think that if we were to ever change the MLDA it should be lowered to 18 yrs because nowadays whether or not you are 21 or older most teenagers are already drinking underage and I believe that it will always be that way. So, if the MLDA is lowered it will lower the possibility of being charged with a MIP or something. When you turn 18 it is said that you are now considered to be an adult and you are allowed to do adult things so what would it hurt if you are given the ability to drink sometimes?

  • i think that the drinking age should be 21 like it is already because you have to wait till your body is mature enough to drink and you shouldn't be doing that stuff when your in high school because it could interfere with sports or other events 

  • I think that the drinking age should be 21. Kids are just maturing and I think that if it is lowered then their schooling for highschool or college could be affected. I think that since kids are still developing and trying to fit in this could be a probelm and cause them to do things they wouldnt do. 

  • I think the drinking age should be 21. Kids' brains are still developing and they can make some dumb decisons and alchohol can be a huge problem. Overcunsumption can destroy your liver and it can make you do immature things. 

  • I think that legal drinking age should be 20, its right in the middle of 18-21 and your still mature and older and not too young. I feel like 18 would be too young and would cause way more drunk car accidents. I do plan on consuming alcohol when I'm older and of age.

  • 21 years old is a good age for the MLDA. I don't think it should be any lower or higher.  I don't know if I will drink when I am of age but I know many people will continue to drink underage even if the MLDA is lowered so I don't see the benefits. 

    • I also think 21 years old is a good age for the MLDA. I think if anything, it needs to be higher. I also am not sure if I'll even drink when I'm of age so I don't really care with the age is. But no matter the age, people will be mad about it so lets just leave it at 21.

  • I think that the legal drinking age should be 18. 18 is when you are able to do many things so you should be able to make your own decisions. I think that it could be bad because more underage drinking will occur though.

  • I think that the legal drinking age should be 18 because your old enough to vote, go to war, and be charged as an adult in court. I honestly think that the drinking age now is healthier for the human body.

  • I think that the drinking age should be lowered to 18. If you can go and fight for your country and vote, you should be able to drink alcohol. I also think it would help teenagers and college students from being dumb and illegally drinking. 

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