What's This? Pink Tax?

Pink tax. What is it? Pink tax refers to how most women's pruducts cost more than men's, solely on the fact that it's manufactured for women. I mostly heard of this Tax from TikTok and it made me wonder, what is the reasoning behind it? Why are some women's soaps, lotions, deoderants, razors, clothes, and even toys more expensive? Well Thankfully Mr. Brun's forum post assignments exist so you can read all about it from me.

Regardless of it's name, pink tax is not an actual sales tax, but instead a discriminatory pricing based on gender. Surprisingly, this tax is technically legal in most states, the only state in the US that has placed a ban on the pink tax is New York. This subject dates back to the 1990s when a report from California's Assembely Office of Research found that 64% of stores in several major cities charged more to wash and dry-clean a women's blouse than a man's.

Bringing you back to today, according to investment bank JPMorgan Chase, by many estimates, the pink tax costs woman and average of 1,300 dollars per year. These products can be used for both genders but the one's marketed for women are just more expensive for some reason. The DCA has also found that women's products cost more 42% of the time, while only 18% for men's products. One might say that most women are more prone to spend more on products because they are willing to do what it takes to please men or others, considering the fact that most women already spend enough on skincare and makeup products.

To be honest, I'm not really sure about this subject still, but I also think that it's kind of dumb to exist.

Why Do You Think Pink Tax Is A Thing?

Do You Think That This Tax Should Be Banned Across The US?

Do You Believe There Good Reasons for Some Things Costing More for Women Than Men? 


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  • Great topic and good summary Kennedy! The issue is you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points. +5 topic

  • I think it is very interesting to see that no boy has commented on this forum post. Regardless, the pink tax is very unfair. I find myself looking at my male counterpart's option of things like razors and soaps fso that I don't have to spend as much money on my basic necesities. 

  • I think this tax should be banned. Just because a woman is willing to spend more money does not mean that big companies should exploit that fact to their benefit. I don't think that there is a good reason behind women's products costing more.

  • I think that it is stupid to have a tax on things that women would use. Even products that are literally the same thing. I recently saw a thing where this child's toy was a higher price for the pink version. This tax needs to be banned because they just want more money. It is stupid for all of these things to be overpriced for no reason.

  • One reason for the pink tax could be name brands, girls pay hundreds for Lululemon, just because of the name. So maybe companies higher women's products because they know women will pay more than men. It's a stupid reason, but it would make sense. 

  • In  my opinion I think that somthings are higher priced because of the name of the product. Getting a name brand or big brand of something its going to be more expensive. Your more or less paying for the brand. I mean yes it should be banned.

  • I think that this tax should be banned because I think it is dumb that two products that are the exact same but in different colors cost differently. I've notices that women's products that are made from the same brand as other products for men cost more even though they do the same job. 

  • I think pink tax should be banned. You can easily tell when a product is being over priced because its a female product. I see it the most in skin care and hair things like shampoos and conditioner. Theres also a raise in price when one brand gets exposed for using harmeful chemicals and other brands start just slapping "natural" labels on products and upping the price cause they see thats what everyones gonna be looking for now. 

  • Pink tax exists because it can. Women don't have any choice other than to buy the more expencive stuff. There could be a ban against it but I doubt that there will be, because why would buisnesses willingly let people take away some of the profit they could make. I doubt that there is always good reason for women's things costing more than men's but sometimes there might be some stuff that should cost more it depends.

  • I think the pink tax is a thing because they know that women will pay it. I think women try a little bit more to be "trendy" and keep up with more name brand things. So if they can get away with charging more, they're gonna do it. I personally think it should be banned in every state.

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