What Defines a Sport?

        What does wrestling, tennis, football and many other activities all have in common? They are all known as sports. According to the Oxford Dictionary sports meaning, “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or a team competes against another or others for entertainment.” But what about esports, dance, marching band, and cheerleading?

         Many people don’t think that those things are sports. I remember many debates with people that dance is a sport. Personally, I think those activities are sports. All those activities I listed do qualify to the Oxford Dictionary.  

         Why do people think these things arn’t sports? Some of them do not have as much competition “to qualify” as a sport. For example, cheer is not all competition. But cheer fits the definition. Another reason is people don’t think esports are athletic. But the Oxford Dictionary doesn’t say it has to be athletic. 


In conclusion, many people have different thoughts about what defines a sport. It gets pretty debated. But honestly I don’t think it should be worth a fight. 

Do you agree or disagree with the definition of sports? 

Do you think that those things are sports? 

What sports are you in? 






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  • Good topic choice Mikayla! I do think your summary is a bit broief overall and coule be expanded a bit more.

  • I pretty much agree with the Oxford definition of what a sport is. I believe that what you listed above, dance, cheerleading, marching band, etc. are all sports rather certain people want to believe it or not. I'm not in any school sports now, but I played in the marching band and ride horses outside of school, even though I don't show.

  • People do not beilive that dance or gymnastics is a sport so as racing. The athlete partipating in doing those sports I just named off are competing with others to be the best of there kind and come out victouris out of everyone competting.

  • I agree with the definition of sports, i remember when i was in cheer i would always agrue with men about rather it was a sport or not. And I personaly think cheer, dance, and marching band are sports, They work just as hard as basketball or volleyball players do. Im not in any sports at the moment but im intested in doing tennis, spoftball, and volleyball.

  • I think that if you are active and you are in a competition that it should be a sport. Some people think that dance and cheer are not a sport. Personally I think that they are a sport. They are still competiting and being active in the sport so I think that is should be a sport. 

  • I agree with the definition for sports and I think all of those are sports. In dance you are doing things physical and are may be competing against people. In cheer it's the same thing and you hvae to have practice and skill just like basketball or football and all the other sports.

  • I think that if you are active, and in a competition, that it would define as a sport. Many people don't think that dance or cheer is a sport, but you are participating in physical activity, and in competitions, so personally, I would define that as a sport.

  • When I think of a sport, I think of some sort of competitive physical activity. There are many activities that are questioned on whether they are a sport or not. Personally, I am just in cross country and soccer. Both of which are sports. 

    • I would say cross country and soccer are sports. They fit the oxford definition.

  • all sprts are competition based has a level of stress and can possibly have an ellement of danger (optional), is what id describe as a sport.any thing whith these common standards should be considerd a sport.as for sports i do im a really decently poor chess player who moonlights as a tennis player

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