As most of us know, The United States military fought in the Vietnam war. The Vietnam War is very well known throughout America, however, it is also known for its controversy. A lot of Americans agree that the U.S. should not have been involved in the Vietnam war.

            Before we get to why it is controversial, let’s get into the beginning of the war. After WWII the French gave Vietnam it’s independence, however, it was supposed to be split between North and South until the elections were held. These elections ended up never happening. The north and south stayed separate as the north chose to be communist and the south chose capitalism.The country did agree that they wanted to unite and become one, but they both had very different ideas. This led to a civil war in South Vietnam. As South Vietnam fell, the country turned communist. Due to this the neighboring countries would most likely fall to communism This is where the U.S. decided to join South Vietnam in fear of communism spreading.

            A lot of Americans find us joining the war controversial because of multiple reasons. To start off, the U.S. had just got out of WWII a decade before and most Americans were much more happy without war. Many people agreed with the famous presidents and politicians when they talked about isolationism. Isolationism is the belief that one's country should stay out of foreign affairs. 

            On the other hand, some people believe it was right for the U.S. to join the war in fear of communism spreading. By joining the war they intended on preventing something that could change the world.

What do you think? Was it right for the U.S. to join the war? Why or Why not?


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  • I really like your topic choice! I do think your summary needed to be lionger to expand more on this topic. You could have added more of your personal thoughts within your summary as well and replied back to students a few more times as well.

  • I think that the U.S. was just trying to get publicity so that they could be on the worlds good side, then it turned into something bad. In my opinion, it wouldent have mattered what the U.S. did.

  • I think it was right for America to join the war because at that time, we were just done with a war where a country was trying for domination. Its reasonable to fear the situation in vietnam because that comunism could've just kept spreading and cause more problems than there already were.

  • I believe that we did the right thing by getting involved. I think this because we stopped communism from spreading and there were less deaths/wounded.

  • I think it was a good idea for the USA to get involved. If we didn't there would have been more people hurt and communism would have spread to the other countries. But not that long ago we were in WWII and a lot of are peopole were still geting ues to life agan.

  • I think that overall it was probably the right thing to do. Yes, it did end up looking kind of bad. It was a quite desecion to join and get involved. If the US thought it was right and would be helpful to join, then that is what they are going to do and it is what they did.

  • I think that the USA made a good choice on joining the war becuase if we didn't we maybe wouldn't be alive and not have a very stong millitary. Especially some lives were lost but the people in the U.S. millitary made a good choice and protecting their country. 

  • I think the USA made a good descion by joining the war the only problem was ww2 veterans had to go out and serve and that had a very big inpact on them. Many died and got injured. Also if the us didnt join the war communism would have spread 

  • I believe that the U.S. should not have joined the Vietnam war because many WWII Veterans had to go out and serve in that war that we had no business interfering with and many lost their lives. While it would take away memorials like the tomb of the lost soldier I still think we shouldn't have joined.

  • I think the U.S. had its' own reasoning to join the war, and therefore, did not really think back on their feelings about war. With the fear of communism spreading, I think it was more of a quick decision that could be beneficial but may also cause some damage in the end.

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