USH Learning Opportunity--Wednesday, April 22

For this learning opportunity, we will be going back to WWII. This video is on Hitler and Stalin, the two great(bad) dictators of the WWII years. Please watch the video and sahre your thoughts and what you learned in the comment section below.

Here is a link to the video.

Fixed video link


Other things you can do:

--I will leave the previous weeks learning opportunities open. Feel free to read and reply to them if you haven't already.

--I will allow CWI/USH students to add their own current event stories they would like to discuss on the forum. Since I can't grade anything, all personal comments will not count towards your official froum post count during this time. I think it's important to keep up with the events of the world.


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  • I thought that this video was very interesting. I was very surprised to learn that Hitler first suspected that Stalin was Jewish and sent his personal photographer to see if Stalin had Jewish ears.

    • Thanks for the reply Ania.

  • The video is restricted.

    • Thanks for letting me know.

This reply was deleted.
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