The Eagles Winning Super-Bowl LVII

The 57th Superbowl has raised a lot of controversy. The Chiefs and Eagles will go against eachother on the 12th of Februrary at 5:30. The Chiefs have been dominating this season, but are tied with the Eagles and are both stuck at 16 wins and 3 losses. However, the Eagles might have been shown to have a slightly higher percentage of winning the Superbowl. 


The reason the Eagles might win over the Cheifs is because "statistically" most professional predictors have placed their bets or are waiting to place their bets on the Eagles. For example, according to, the chances of the Cheifs will lose to the Eagles are a very slightly 55.6% chance favoring the Eagles. It will be close and a very fun game to watch. 


What will happen if the Eagles win? Well, since they already have 4 superbowl wins compared to the Cheifs' 2 superbowl wins it will most likely pay out heavily to the Eagles. However, if the Cheifs do win, many will be surprised and they will catch up to the net wins of the Eagles and have 3 superbowl wins in the bank. But again, it will be a tough game and will need to be a must watch for millions around the world. But what do you think?


Do you think the Eagles will win?


Do you think the Cheifs will win?


What do you think the score will be?

Are you going to watch the Superbowl LVII

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  • Glad you got this posted Alex! Your summary is fine but include more of your thoguhts within it. Work on the title as well.  Three days late.

  • I think that the Chiefs will win because they have Patrick Mahomes. I think that Jalen Hurts is overrated and that he will choke. I believe that this game is going to be a high-scoring game. If I had to guess, I think the score will be 38-35 Chiefs.

  • Although the Eagles are a great team. The Eagles actually only have 1 superbowl win which was in the 2017-2018 season. The won 3 championchips before that superbowl back when there was no superbowl. Just like college, they were just call championchips. But yes, I do think the Eagles will win and I really hope they do. According to the scripts, the Eagles will win 37-34.

  • I don't really know the ability of each team, so I cannot say which team I think will win. I don't know which team I would want to win. I think both of the teams are kind of bad. Like I said before, I don't know the skill which means I don't really know what the score will be in the end.

  • I think the chiefs will win because they have shown to play better against other very good teams. The eagles have had an easy year so far and haven't proved their skill to much because they haven't played anybody really good except for the 49ers when they didn't have a healthy quarterback. 

  • I think its debatable who will win. The Cheifs and the Eagles are really good teams. I think it will come down to who plays the best and whos defense is playing the best. I think that the school will be really close. I plan on watching the super bowl but who knows if i will or not.

  • I think the Chiefs will win because of there offense, yes Eagles have a good defensse but will not be able to keep uo on both sides of the ball. Mahomes has played through everthing he can and will be desprate for this win even while injured. The Chiefs will win the superbowl.

  • I think the Eagles will win because they have a very elite Defense. I don't think the chiefs offense can keep up against there Defense. Patrick Mahomes is also battling an ankle injury that may effect the outcome on how there offense operates. Jalen hurts has been throwing the ball on point lately too.

  • I peronally believe that the chief might win even though the eagles are projected to win but I think that the cheif will probably win because they have one of the best quaterbacks in the NFL right now but I just want a good game between the two teams.

  • I honestly don't watch very much football, but if I had to guess, I would say the Chiefs are going to win. I think it will come down to who is ready to play that day and who is the tougher team. I think they are both good football teams, but I just think the Chiefs are a little bit better.

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