Fifteen Tips for a Successful Presentation

1. Know your content.
a. Do not rely on notecards/Powerpoint--Be present
b. Make good eye contact with the audience
c. Do not memorize-speak from the heart
d. Use Powerpoint as an outline and then expand from that
e. Be an expert on everything in your presentation
f. Make sure you can pronounce the words in your presentation
g. Do not read to your audience

2. Have good, thorough and easy to understand content
a. Content is king!

b. Finding the right balance between too much and too little information is quite challenging but vital

3. Face the audience.
a. Do not turn and face your poster/Powerpoint

4. Incorporate your visuals into your speech.
a. Do not give your speech and then go over your visuals
b. Show and tell

5. Make sure the audience can hear you.
a. Speak clearly
b. Do not mumble
c. Do not chew gum
d. Speak up

6. Be creative and innovative.

a. Always try to do something that is different from everybody else

b. Get people to remember your presentation

c. This separates good presenters from great presenters


7. Be happy and enthused(or act like you are happy and enthused) while giving your presentation.
a. You are a salesperson selling me your product

b. If you act bored, your audience will be bored

c. If you can add humor, great!


8. Be sure to stand up and move around a little.
a. Do not sit

b. People furthest away from you are most likely to lose interest first



9. Try to get the audience involved in some way

a. Ask questions

b. Force your audience to think


10. Have some type of introduction and conclusion.


11. Eliminate "dead air time"

a. As in radio, dead air time in education is not good


12. Be sure to proofread your slides

a. Spelling, punctuation, grammar


13. Make your Google Slides/Powerpoint the best it can be

a. Be sure to make font big enough to be seen by audience(28-32 font)

b. Be sure to keep your bullets short

c. Don't put too much information on one slide

c. Be mindful of the background color and font color


14. Works cited page

a. Hit the required amount of sources

b. Do not use Wikianswers, Yahoo answers or other similar sites

c. Google and Bing are not sources

d. "Textbook" is not a source

e. Use Easybib


15. Be sure to actually give the presentation

a. Presentations are usually worth quite a few points and will negativley impact your grade if you don't do it

b. Nerves are normal and can be overcome with practice and by having confidence that you know the content you are presenting.

c. Severe anxiety is a different than nerves. If you have this issue, keep in mind that I will always allow you to create a video documentary instead of presenting in class.




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