Teen Drug Abuse

Teenage drug abuse is a continuing current problem in the United States. In Iowa 1 in 8 teenagers were abusing an illicit drug in the last year. Statistics show that Iowa teenagers between the ages of 12 to 17 years old have reported using drugs within the last month. Drug abuse among teenagers does not only affect their mental and physical health, it has been known to affect their academics. It affects their ability to gain peer to peer relationships. 

Some of the effects from teenage drug abuse include bad grades, attention deficits, low self esteem, bad memory and poor social skills. These effects can lead to making no friends and falling school. Teen overdose rate went up 94% during the covid pandemic. The death rate jumped 109% during the 2nd half of 2019 to 2021.

i personly belive that their isnt enought affordable help for teens with drug abuse problems. i also belive schools should offer help with students struggling with drug abuse problems. i belive that teens should not use drugs as they can be very lethal and cause the parents to delve into depprestion as they could just walk into their teens room not knowing they overdosed.


Do you think there is enough affordable help for teenagers with drug abuse problems?

Do you think schools should offer help for teens struggling with drug dependency?

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  • Great topic choice and well done Hunter! +5 for having a new topic. I would like to see your summary be a tad longer. But great job overall!!

  • I think there are plenty of places teens can go to get help with drugs, but not very many of them want the help, and not very many of them use the help. I think schools should help students that are struggling with drugs, because they have to be at school, but they don't have to go anywhere else for help.

  • I think that schools should definetely offer help. However, I don't know how many people would actually take advantage of that. These days, people don't even want help. Which is very sad because that's setting them up for a not so bright future. 

  • Many kids have been using drugs more and more. There should be more programs and more funding for teens who struggle with drug abuse. Seeing people go through an addiction is terrible, and seeing any of your siblings, friends, or peers go through that can be the toughest thing on you.

  • I do agree that there has been a major uptick in teen drug use in the past few decades. It's much easier now to consume media with heavy portrayal of drug use like in shows for teenagers like Euphoria. This isn't a bad thing but it is leading to the normalization and naturalization of drug use amongst teens. Drugs are also more available than they ever have been, especially for teens. Schools and the government should be putting their best step forward to end drug use amongst teens before it becomes too normal.  

  • I do not know how much help there is out there for teenages with drug problems but I have never seen anything which leads me to believe that there is not that much for them because odds are that they haven't seen it either or seen it enough for it to effect them. I think that schools should offer help to teens not just with drug problems but with mental help problems and so much other stuff too.

    • I do belive that schools should offer help. I also do believe that schools should teach a class on mental health. I do belive that help for students with these issues should have more help readliy available to them at all times during school hours. Some students live in fear of judgement and being bullied, Many students probably suffer in silence because who knows what the student is dealing with behind closed doors

  • In my opinion there is enough affordable help for teenagers with drug abuse problems. There is several associations that help them solve their problem. In my opinion it would be a good idea that schools offer help because it will encourage more students to ask for help and try to stop their addiction.

    • I dont agree that is enough afforadble help out there for teenagers, they are famillies that cant afford help or qualify for the assistance that is avaialable to most families. I do how agree that the schooo should offer help to students with said issuses, but again arises the concern of judgement for getting the help at school, schools should offer classes that help identify addiction and then offer help

  • I don’t think there is enough affordable help for teenagers suffering from drug abuse, which can be very problematic for parents who want to help their children but struggle with money. I believe schools should offer help for teenagers struggling with drug abuse, specifically for families struggling with getting the money to do so. No teenager or family should have to go through something like this alone, especially if they want the proper help they need. 

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