Teen Curfew, is it Fair?

Teen Curfew, is it Fair?

Beginning in the 1990s, cities and counties in the U.S. that were concerned with rising juvenile crime rates began passing curfew laws. These laws limit the hours that teens under a certain age, usually 18, can be out in public. Most curfew laws apply to evening and night hours. Recently, though, some cities have enacted laws restricting children and teens from being in public unchaperoned during school hours. Teen curfew laws argue that the laws unfairly discriminate against teens who have done nothing wrong. I think that a curfew is fair to have for towns and cities. I think it definitely helps to decrease crime rates.


Do you think curfew laws for teenagers are unfair?


Do you think curfew laws can help reduce juvenile crime?



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  • Isabella,

    This topic was already done this semester. The bigger issue is that your summary is just too brief. Expand more.

  • I think we should have a curfew but I don't think that it should be early though, I feel it should be around 12:00. I feel not many teens won't be out that late on school nights. I think Harlans curfew is around 12. I think they might help in a way and it's not like people doing nothing wrong will be out at 12 or 12:30.

  • I think that a curfew is a good thing. There is no reason kids should be out past curfew, as that is when trouble starts and crimes get comitted. As they know its dark and people are sleeping. I feel that it does help reduce crime in juvenilles when they not out all hours of the night and their parents know that they are home safe.

  • I think that the curfew is a good thing because at night is when most of the crimes are committed because first off it's dark and there are fewer people out to witness it. I do think that it can help reduce juvenile crime. I think there should be some exception to the law but otherwise, I think that its good for the US

  • I think teen curfew isn't a bad thing, but we don't need parents always following us. I would not set a curfew but rather perfer something and kind of push it but not set a for sure time. I would also want to know my childs location and what there doing. 

  • I think teen curfew is a good thing, but the whole chaperon deal is a bit too much, some peolple just dont go to school because they dropped out, why do they need a chaperon during school hours then? Teen curfew is long enough anyway I don't have or see a problem with it.

  • I think that cerfuw for teenagers is definitly unfair. I would not set a cerfew for my child I would jsut perfer them home at a cirtin time so I know they are not hurt or maybe even worse killed. I think I would want my chids location also.

  • I think that curfew laws are dumb because they are responisble to make it home in time or be safe when they are because of their strict parents. I also think that it wont reduce juvenile crimes because people are still gonna be dumb when it comes that.

  • I think that it is a little unfair because we are no more able to rob a house than 18 year olds or a adult man is or women. Having a cerfew is point less because I don't think that there should even be a cerfew.

  • I think that it is a little unfair because we are no more able to rob a house than 18 year olds or a adult man is or women. The only thing that we don't have is a car unless your 16 and can drive then its easier to rob a house or rob anything for that matter of fact. Curfew doesn't do anything

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