Stress in Schools

                There are lots of students that try to aim for A’s in school (academic success) but stress, anxiety, sleep, and depression are stopping them from reaching that goal. Stress can help keep students on track and motivated with classwork. On the other hand, too much stress makes it harder for students to focus on classwork and get things done on time.


       states, “It can suppress your immune system, upset your digestive and reproductive systems, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, and speed up the aging process.” Stress can suppress (weaken) your immune system. A weakened immune system means you are vulnerable to many infectious diseases. No one wants to have a stroke or heart attack, but stress can increase your risk. Stress makes the heart work harder than it’s supposed to. It can also increase blood pressure and sugar and fat levels. states, “Study participants who reported the highest stress levels were 33% more likely to have a stroke than those who felt less anxious or stressed.”


                The CDC states that to reduce stress “eat healthy, exercise, get plenty of sleep, and give yourself a break if you feel stressed out. Take deep breaths, stretch, or meditate.” I believe all of that would help decrease stress but not fully get rid of it. There will always be stress you will have. I think that teachers should either not give out as much homework/extra work or talk to each other and assign homework on different nights or at least limit the amount of homework there is each night. A lot of people, mainly students, think it's only students that have stress at school, but it is not. Teachers get stressed from school as well. An elementary school in Nashville TN uses a “tap-in/tap-out” system. This allows a stressed teacher to send out a quick message to one of the colleagues in the building to relieve them from the classroom setting. Teachers are there to educate the students not to basically live there. Teachers get to school before school starts and sometimes stay 1-3 hours after school ends. Some schools are cutting teachers some slack for tracking work hours and time spent in the building, which I agree with.


What do you think schools should do to decrease the stress students and teachers have?

Do you think that stress is impeding you from achieving your grade goals?



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  • Great topic and well done Colton!

  • I think a way that teachers could reduce stress is not us so much homework or no homework at all. I feel that if their is a lot of homework it's hard to get it done especially if you weren't at school so then you have double the homework which causes even more stress. I think that stress does effect grades.

  • I think one way that could reduce all this stress would to may be, not give as much homework out, it leaves time for students to do as they please after school, along with teachers.  I also think that if there is late work and we have an honest reason like stress, something happened, etc. then they should give an extra day or two to help catch up on what was late. 

  • I agree and think that students and teachers can get stressed easily. It does not bother me very much but it can be frustrating and tiring at times. I think teachers should not give out homework to help this. We go to school for 8 hours a day and have plenty of time to get stuff done.

  • I agree that many students and teachers can ger easily stressed. I think if teachers give less homework students would be less stressed. Consequently, teachers would aslo be less stressed because they wouldnt have to check as much homework if they didn't give as muhc homework out.

  • I think the best way to lower stress would be less homework. Thats what causes a lot of students stress as well as pressuring them into always having straight A grades. I personally think stress is one factor that holds a lot of people back from doing everything they can and being their best. 

  • I agree that school puts a lot of stress on kids to get good grades and to show up. I think they should try to help kids manage their stress. Most people would say that they are stressed from school, so teachers trying to help could make kids get better grades.

  • I think that schools should lower the amount of homework given to students. I believe that homework is mainly what causes stress in students because they have to find time in their schedules to do it, and that can be difficult if they're in sports. I don't think that stress is affecting my grades.

  • I personally believe that one of the main stressors that students face is the large amount of homework assigned by teachers. I think that teachers should lessen the amount of homework they assign to help decrease the stress levels of their students. I personally don't feel that my grades are affected by my stress levels.

  • I think that teachers should decrease the amount of homework they give out. If they do this then the student won't have as much homework and will go to sleep earlier than they do now. I do think stress is stopping me and other people from achieving the grades that we want. Teachers give out way too many assignments and homework and it is hard to keep up with. 

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