Should we have study halls? 

Should we have study halls? 


This is something I have been thinking about for a while and I believe that study halls are useless (for me personally anyway). I would rather do my homework at home as it is quieter, I’m in my room and it’s more comfortable.  


The only thing that study halls are useful for is if you need help.  But when you are at home, you can also get help by looking up a video or calling a friend. 


Some research says that study halls are good for people who have bad grades and/or a bad home environment.  And also that study halls can benefit. But I think, then, instead of going to study hall, go to the classroom that you need help in. So, if someone is struggling, say in Math, then they should go there for extra help, during what I need (win). Which is basically like a study hall. 


But there are very many negatives to having a study hall like people who don’t use their time wisely and they could just have another class period. 


Many other people say that you should have study halls so then you don’t have to stay after school because staying after school is not very beneficial. Also, if you have to take your homework home, you don’t have as much time to spend with your family. But, I still feel like there is no point in having a study hall when you don’t get a grade for it. So here are the facts given on why I feel like we should not have study halls.

Do you have a study hall?


Do you think study halls are beneficial?


Is study hall a good time for a restroom break?


If you didn’t have a study hall, when would you use the restroom?

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  • I think study halls are beneficial if used correctly. I agree that a lot of students don't use them like they should and then they become pointless. But if used correctly it allows students to have that extra time to relax and work on homework. 

    • I totally agree with this I think that most of the time people are just messing around and making the teacher's job harder than it should be, I think that if you have one make sure you are using it properly. This is also a great time to relax.

  • Yes, I have a study hall and I think study halls are beneficial. Yes, I also think a study hall could be a good time for a restroom break, since you aren't going to be interupting much. You aren't usually activly learning very much during study hall so it could be a good time. If I didn't have a study hall I would go at the start of class or during work time if the teacher gives us any. 

  • Study halls are necessary for students who can't get school work done in the class time they are given. That class time can be very short depending on what happens in the classroom. I have a study hall and have relied on it. They are benificial.

  • Yes, I have a study hall. I think having a study hall during my day is very beneficial, because if I didn't I wouldn't be able to get all my school work done. If I didn't have a study hall I would have to go during the middle of the class and then it would stop some kids from learning.

    • This is true if you do not have time to do it at home then you would probably do it in the middle of class which would stop you from leaving which would be very bad and make it so you get even farther behind but there are also a lot of kids who have study halls and don't use them and still do homework in the middle of class.

  • I have a study hall last hour and I think that we should be able to leave early because it would cause less chaos in the parking lot. I also think that  its pointless to have us go into study hall when we can go home and work on our homework. Also most students dont have homework and read or are on their phones to the study hall is pointless. 

  • My study hall is in the middle of the day, and I believe it's beneficial for my work ethic. School is the only time when I feel comfortable working on projects. Whenever I try to work outside of school, or at home, it becomes too stressful for me, and the production of my work suffers because of it. Schools should have study halls, so I can properly finish school work and not have to change my home-to-school schedule.

  • I have a study hall the last hour and I think I should be able to leave early. I think study halls help because it helps kids take time and chill, study hall is a good time for a restroom break. I would leave during math because that class is boring and pointless.

    • This is the only thing that I wonder is when would you go to the bath room I feel like you have to be in every class because you need the credits so you need to pass and sometimes when there are hard days you need to chill and relax.

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