Should we have study halls? 

Should we have study halls? 


This is something I have been thinking about for a while and I believe that study halls are useless (for me personally anyway). I would rather do my homework at home as it is quieter, I’m in my room and it’s more comfortable.  


The only thing that study halls are useful for is if you need help.  But when you are at home, you can also get help by looking up a video or calling a friend. 


Some research says that study halls are good for people who have bad grades and/or a bad home environment.  And also that study halls can benefit. But I think, then, instead of going to study hall, go to the classroom that you need help in. So, if someone is struggling, say in Math, then they should go there for extra help, during what I need (win). Which is basically like a study hall. 


But there are very many negatives to having a study hall like people who don’t use their time wisely and they could just have another class period. 


Many other people say that you should have study halls so then you don’t have to stay after school because staying after school is not very beneficial. Also, if you have to take your homework home, you don’t have as much time to spend with your family. But, I still feel like there is no point in having a study hall when you don’t get a grade for it. So here are the facts given on why I feel like we should not have study halls.

Do you have a study hall?


Do you think study halls are beneficial?


Is study hall a good time for a restroom break?


If you didn’t have a study hall, when would you use the restroom?

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  • Super job Sienna! 2nd Place!

  • I do think that we need study halls, but it should be a choice. Some students may not have access to the internet. If a teacher has a planning period you can also go and talk to them during that time. Or if you miss a day it gives you a chance to and makeup tests 

  • I think that the school needs study halls. There are multiple students who need study halls because they don't get home until very late at night. They may also not have internet access or electricity at home, so they would only be able to do their work at school. If someone doesn't need a study hall, don't sign up for one.

  • I have had a study hall both last semester and this semester. I think study halls are very beneficial for multi-sport athletes especially. I know that I have very late club volleyball nights two times a week, and having a study hall helps me get all my stuff done without much to do outside of school. 

  • Study halls can be very beneficial for people who are taking difficult classes and/or playing sports and working a job. I did not have a study hall last semester nor this semester. It takes a certain level of maturity to realize that study halls are to help your grades, not to do nothing. 

  • I have a study hall and I think that it's beneficial to have study halls to get your homework done. Plus it helps to relax and chill on your phone. I think study halls are a perfect time to be able to use the restroom since in between classes sometimes just isn't enough.

  • I have a study hall and i think that they are beneficial, they give me time to get my homework done and to relax. It is also a good time to use the bathroom, if you don't have a study hall, go to the bathroom before/after lunch or before classes.

  • Personally I don't have a study hall this semester and I didn't have one last semester either. I think that having study halls are very beneficial, especially for students who are taking difficult classes or need a lot of extra help in classes. The only reason I haven't had a study hall all year is because I didn't have room for one in my schedule.

  • I think that every student should have at least or only 1 study hall  in their schedule. I think study halls can be usefull if students had something to do. Also if a student misses a test or quiz they can make it up then and not after school.

  • I do have a study hall this semester and I do believe, in my person opinion, that study halls are extremely beneficial for students. I think that a study hall gives the students that either have sports or work time to complete their homework. I also feel that it is a great opportunity to relax in the middle of the day.

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