Should Vaping and E-cigarettes be banned?

In the past years, vaping has become very popular. I would even say it is even more popular than smoking cigarettes. Vaping contains nicotine and which is a very addictive chemical. You might've heard of the brand “JUUL” before, which was known to be one of the top vapes in 2020-2021. However, on June 23, 2022, the FDA made Juul stop selling all of their products in the United States  This included removing products currently on the market, including Juul devices and pods. E-cigarettes were the 4th most popular tobacco product in 2019. In 2018 it was estimated that 1 in 5 high school students owned a “Juul” or another type of e-cigarette. 


Some may say that there are pros like, it can help adults quit smoking and prevent youth from smoking. But I do not think that vaping is any better than smoking. I think it is worse. Research says that one cartridge that goes in a vape has 20 cigarettes in it and a teen is more likely to to smoke those cartridges at a must faster rate than cigarettes. Some may say that Vaping is a “safer” way to ingest tobacco. However, I strongly disagree. Vaping can cause a thing called  “popcorn” lungs which can ruin your lungs and can even cause death.

There are many cons but a few are, vaping is causing a serious addiction in young kids. Vaping is also much easier to “smoke” than cigarettes. For example, you could vape in the bathroom without having a strong smell to you whereas if you were to smoke a cigarette you would be able to smell it on your clothes. Another cause is that vaping can cause serious health problems like depression, lung disease, or even strokes. Vaping can cause addiction to other drugs that could be more serious and could harm you a lot more. One last con is that e-cigarettes can start on fire and explode. Some people have lost body parts (like an eye, tooth, or tongue) due to e-cigarettes exploding. Airports even ban all vapes or e-cigarettes to go under the plane in case it would explode under the plane. 


I think vaping is very bad and should be banned in all states. Vaping is not any better than smoking cigarettes. Banning vaping could save many people's lives. And prevent future addictions to worse drugs.

  1. Is vaping worse than smoking in your opinion?
  2. Do you think e-cigarette companies are targeting young kids?
  3. How do you think we can prevent vaping?

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  • While we have had similar topics, you did a great job!!

  • I think that if vapes and eciggarettes are banned we should ban everything else. Tobacco chewing products and normal cigarettes are also frequently purchased and used amongst both adults and children. I don't think they should be banned just have more information on the effects of using these dangerous products.

  • Vaping could definitely be worse than smoking. I say could because we have no idea what the long-term effects of these devices are. E-cigarette companies are defiantly targeting young kids because those are the main group of people that use them. We could prevent vaping by putting vape detectors in bathrooms or something along the lines of that, but that only stops it at school. The main people that can stop vaping are parents of teens, if they allow their children to vape or smoke, their kid privileges need to be taken away immediately. Parents play a major role in influencing teens, and if parents preach that vaping is good or not that bad for them, then their child will vape, and vice versa. Parents need to spread awareness to their children about how bad vapes are for teenagers and people in general.

  • I think both vapign and smoking are very bad for your lungs and overall health. I think that e-cigarette and vaping companies are targeting youth to an extent. I think people choose what to do with their lives and if thats what they choose, then it's very bad for you, but it's their own choice. I think it is still wrong for minors to vape though.

    • I agree, they are both very bad. 

  • I think that they should be banned I feel like this is a very popular thing for kids and honestly, this is not good for anyone. people in the old days did this not knowing the bad things it could do now we do so why do people still do it Who knows I think that vaping is worse.

    • Yes, its not good for anyone. 

  • I do not think that these product should be banned it is ones desicion on what they want to do with their life. I dont think compaines are targeting the young kids but are more trying to get the kids to look at it like its a fun thing to do. I have no clue about prevention.

    • I agree, they are making it seem like a fun thing to do.

  • I think e-cigarette companies most definitely target young kids, especially with all their "amusing" flavors like cotton candy, gummy bear, etc. I think they target younger people because they can get addicted easier, and convince their friends to try vaping, which gives the companies more business and more money. I think both smoking and vaping should be banned. There are a lot of health complications that relate to vaping/smoking, so obviously its a huge problem and its unhealthy.

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