should transgender care for minors be restricted?

There have been a lot of talks lately about states restricting or outright banning transgender care. This can be very harmful to trans youth, taking away the one thing they can do to feel good about themselves can harm their mental health and well-being. banning trans care for minors will inevitably raise suicide rates among trans youth.  

There has been more than one state banning or restricting trans care making it harder and harder for children to feel comfortable in their bodies. I think banning trans care for minors is not a good idea, the way it is now trans youth can get care but they need the permission of their parents and a therapist's recommendation. Making already hard enough to get care but this bill will take away all the effort we have gone through.


what do you think?

should transgender care be restricted?



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    • I could not agree more, if you decide to be trans then they are repercussions to deciding that, one may be, people don't see you the same, they may think you are weird and different and not want to be around you, also, if you decide to be trans then you should also become atheist, I am not 100% if other religions accept these type of people but I can confidentely say that Christianity absolutely does not, God made 2 genders and we should be thankful for that, and we should honor that and be thankful with the gender god gave us.

    • I respect that your religion makes you not support the LGBT but not everyone belives in god and doesn't feel the need to do things in his eyes.

  • I don't think that minors should be able to make that decision. When they become an adult they can pay for surgeries and everything. I understand some people actually don't feel comfortable but some kids might just be saying they are trans for attention or just because their friends say they are. 

  • I think that people should be allowed to get the care that they feel is necessary. I don't think people need to be so judgmental on others, esspecially when trans decisions dont effect anyone else at all. Theres always going to be someone that dosnt like you, or the decisions you make, so if someone wants the surgery thats their business. Even if someone dosn't understand, theres no reason to have hatred for the person because it has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else. Transgender care should not be restricted as long as there are people wanting that surgery. If there was a restriction I think it would be to raise the age to 18 so you have plenty of time to really think through the huge change you are going to make. 

  • I believe that trans care should be heavily ristricted for minors. I don't think people below the age of 21 should be allowed to choose a life altering surgery that is for all intense and purposes irreversible. We don't let kids smoke, drink, or even get tattoos. I don't believe in transgenderism and I think that most trans are mentally ill, becuase 40%-50% of trans people end up commiting suicide and our government is encouraging this. It's sad really that so many people kill themselves over this, we should teach people to be happy in their own bodies.

  • I think that it should be restricted when you are a kids. Kids are very indecisive and can end up regretting some choices they make in the future. People who are older can get the care if they wanted because they are smarter and know more than kids do.

  • I believe that trans care should be restricted for minors. When you are a kid, you don't know what you want, and many kids would regret getting the surgery later in life. Even with parental consent, kids under 18 should not be able to make a life changing decision such as a surgery like that. I don't believe in transgenderism anyways, so I think that even having limits past the age of 18 could be beneficial.

  • I personally do not agree with being transgender. You are born either man or a woman, there are two genders and two genders only. If you don't feel comfortable in your own body, lose some weight, get your hair done, or something like that. I also don't think that minors should be making these types of decisions, it is at a such young age that they don't know anything and their life is just getting started. Why mess it up by becoming the opposite gender? 

  • I think that the fact that people are even thinking about banning transgender is extremely unfair and altogether messed up. It does not matter their gender identity everyone should have equal care whether it be for mental or physical health. I believe that whether or not you are trans you are still a person and should be treated like one. It is not fair that people are treated differently just because of who they are. I don’t think that transgender health care should be restricted in any way.

  • I think that we should not much to any care as a minor you are not smart enough to know how it is going to affect you. I think that if you become "trans" you are either one or the other there are to only not as many as people say. People need to wake up and get out of the Matrix. 

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