Should the driving age be lowered?

Driving age


In Iowa to drive alone, you must be 14 and ½ years old. But, with the minor school license you receive this only allows you to drive to the school directly, or to a school related event within a close radius. Compared to other states this is very early to be able to drive alone and some question the responsibility of the teenagers. But now that many can drive they feel that they should be able to drive further and to other places alone.


Inexperience behind the wheel can cause adults and other people to feel uncomfortable with 14 year olds driving. But, as 14 and 15 year olds begin to drive they feel more tempted to drive off of their route and not follow the safety rules and regulations set for them. But as they begin to drive off their routes crashes begin to happen more commonly. Studies show distracted driving, drunk driving, and inexperience cause most crashes between the ages of 14-19. So would changing the license from a school permit to an intermediate license help or hurt our society? 


I think that lowering the driving age could hurt our society tremendously. But the responsible teenage drivers would benefit from this also. As a teenager you feel tempted to drive to other places not permitted on your license, but this can lead to bigger problems. To stop the temptation I think the age at which you can receive an intermediate license should be lowered to 15. But drivers must still must meet all requirements before receiving a license.


Do you think teenagers should be able to get their intermediate license sooner?

Would you personally benefit from this change? 

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  • Good topic choice and great job overall Aubrey! Be sure to comment back on three different days instead of just two.

  • You can legally get your license at 16 in most states, but a lot of us (mainly due to covid) haven't been able to achieve this feat just yet. Currently I'm 16 right now and have no clue when I will be getting my full license. So lowering the age of driving would either make it so people actually get their license on the now previous law or just get it earlier. I would not benefit from this change because I'm already of age to drive.

  • The driving age could probably be lowered atleast a year. Getting your permit and driving for a year should be good enough to get used to driving. It's wether or not you feel comfortable doing so. It would be great for students with jobs and other out of school activities.

  • I do think that the driving age should be lowered or the school permit should have fewer limitations. I think it would be nice if I could drive myself to work or other activities like dance class. I honestly think it would be great for me and my friends if you could get it earlier.

    • I agree, it would be very beneficial to students with jobs or other things they need to go to and not having to rely on their parents would be nice. 

  • I think that the kids should be able to get their liscense earlier because if they get their permit at 14 they will have a year of driving with an adult and that they should then be able to drive by themselves. It not only benefits the kid but also the parent that is picking and dropping off their students at events and places.

  • I think that the driving age should be lowered as well because teenagers have hard times getting places because you need a parent in the car I also think that some teens are more mature and responsible for others so meeting requirments should be required. I would benifit from this change because it is hard to get to work or other important things when the adult is working.

    • I agree, more requirements would ensure that the drivers on the road are responsible and mature enough.

  • I think that the drivivng age can be lowered because knowledge doesn't exactly have an age. Younger people can still have the skill set for driving, but some safety features in cars may restrict smaller children from doing so. Obviously, children that need booster seats or can't reach the pedals cannot drive.

  • I think teenagers should be able to get their lisence. It can help with parents so they don't have to worry about picking their kids up late due to work. I would personally benefit from this by being able to drive myself to my after school activities without relying on my sister. I think the driving age should be lowered to atleast 15 to benefit most freshmen.

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