Should students have to put their phones in the pouches?

Since the start of last year, students have been required to put their phones into a phone pouch. Previously, students had the freedom to keep their phones in their backpacks and occasionally have them out. Now some teachers will not even start class until every student has put their phone in their assigned pouch. Many students are very frustrated with this sudden rule change, however some teachers beg to differ. Should this rule stay or be revoked?


There are many pros to this rule change in the school. Many schools around the world have different and unique ways for phones to be detained from students during class time. A common reason for why schools should forbid phones is for cheating opportunities. Many students can try to cheat with their phones during tests. Many students these days are trying to cheat on tests, or simply not pay attention in class at all. Phones can cause many problems in the classroom. But can the teacher stop this problem without taking away every student's phone before class starts? 


Everyday before class starts, you can see students walking to their assigned phone pouch to put their phones in. Many students simply don’t like putting their phones in the pouches. A student could easily argue the fact that they might need their phone during class. What if there is a school lockdown? The school has taught that during a lockdown, every door is locked, and students continue class as usual. However, it is clear that many parents will want to be in contact with their child to know that they are safe. But parents will not be able to be in contact with their child if they don’t have their phone. A child/student could grab their phone at the end of class and see 3 missed phone calls from their parents. In case of an emergency in any way, should students be allowed to carry their phones during class?


After lots of researching, I believe that it is very important that students should be allowed to have their phones in their possession. Afterall, the school does not own our phones. So why should they get to keep us from having our phones? I believe that students should be allowed to have their phones during class at all times. It is a student's privilege to acquire their phones in any situation and this rule needs to be revoked immediately.   


Should students have to put their phones in the pouches? 


Should there be a punishment if a student is on their phone? 

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  • I think it's a agree and disagree situation like if a student is known for being on their phone the entire period or goofing off all period then they should be in pouches. If a shooting did happen the doors may be locked but the pouches aren't the first thing a student is gonna go for is their phone.

  • I think that if a certain student doesn't listen when a teacher says to put it away then they should be told to put it in a pouch. If the student listens and keeps it away then it really shouldn't be a problem to most teachers if theyre putting their phones away 

    • I agree, why punish all students in the beginning of class when it is only a few certain people. Why does one person on their phone have to effect everyone else. 

  • I think students should just obey the teachers rules and put their phones in the pouches. It's not like you're going to be on it so why do you need it on you? You're clearly able to see that nobody took or touched your phone if they're in the clear phone cases. 

    • I understand that this is the school's rules, however if enough students talk about this, we can make a big voice on this. Students can protest this to teachers and the school board and change this. 

  • Yes, I think more kids would be on them if they weren't in the pouches. I think kids already have enough phone freedom, fro example, during lunch, during study hall, and in between classes. That's a pretty fair amount of phone time. I don't think kids need to have them next to them in class, they'll more likely get distracted or get a notification and want to check it. Yes, during class you're supposed to be learning and paying attention, if you're on your phone you're wasting your teachers time and your own time. 

    • That's why students should have a punishment if they are on their phone. If a student is on their phone, then the teacher will simply just tell them to put it in the pouch. Just that one student, not the entire class. 

  • In my opinion, I don't think that students should be forced to put thier phones in pouches in school. If the student is in a rush so they will not be tardy for their next class or to leave school, they could possibly forget their phone at school. Students should also be able to keep their phone in case of emergency, and having your phone in a pouch could possibly be a hazard. Even though I believe this, I do think that teachers should make students put their phone in their pouch on a test or quiz just in case the students try to use it to cheat. Unless a student is taking a test, I don't believe that there should be a punishment if they decide to keep their phon in their bag.

    • I totally agree with you, during tests, students should put their phones in the pouches. So maybe there should be only certain times that phones have to be put in the pouches? 

  • I don't really mind putting my phone in the pouch, however, I don't think there should be a punishment for not putting your phone up. Some teachers will give tardies, detentions, etc., for not putting your phones up, and I don't think that they should be able to do that.

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