When entering your school, what is the first thing you have to do? Well I know for most of the students at HCHS they go to their classes, use the restrooms, or eat breakfast. But that may not be the case for all kids in public school. 

A wide range of children have to go through security before entering their schools. Some schools believe that this keeps their students and their staff much safer. But how much time is this exactly taking out of the students learning time? Schools that have their students go through security have each of their students spend an average of 10 minuties each going through security. This takes up 10 minutes of each students time that they could have spent, using the restrooms, asking teachers for help with homework, or eating breakfast, this can cause the students to also be late for class if they show up 5 minutes early for school. 

But doesn't this mean the school is safer? This does make the school some what safer. It can detect any type of dangerous object that someone might want to bring into the school. This lowers school shootings and school threats, causing less worry for the students. Student's may be agaisnt this because some object that they have to bring into the school may cause the detectors to go off. That would cause them to spend more time then what they are already spending going through security. 

In my opinion, students shouldn't have to go through security. But if they make threats to the school and any type of harmful actions then they should have to go though some types of security before entering the school. Over all, it would take up to much of the students time and may not be in the budget for the school. 

Do you think students should have to go through security? why or why not? 

Should it come out of the school budget?



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  • Yes, because you can never be too careful. You never know what people might bring into your school. Yes, I feel as though the school has enough fundraisers and money from all the sporting events admissions over the years. 

    • I agree that the school does need more security to keep the school more safe. But not all schools will be able to afford it, even after fundraisers some schools won't be able to afford it.

  • I don't think student should have to go through security before entering school. This could be a good thing because it could keep threats and school shootings to a lower percent. There are also some bad things about this. The time it would take to get all of thse students through security, just wasting their time. The school should choose if they think this should happen for their students.

    • Yes, I agree, security does keep the students safer. I also do agree that it wastes so much time that the students shouldn't be wasting. I do thinkt that the school should leave it up to the students AND the staff to decide if their school should get security. 

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