Should students have an open campus? First of all, what is an open campus? Open campus is when students have the freedom to go out of school during lunch or during study hall depending on what their principal says. Some schools during the semester test have every grade have open campus but some schools have junior and seniors only have open campus during the semester test. Some schools may not allow open campus during semester tests for any grade at all and I think that it is unfair to the junior and seniors that don’t get open campus because it’s their last year or two years and they can’t have freedom. 


Some people say that there shouldn’t be open campus for every grade because the underclassmen will take it for granted and will ruin it for everyone but I think that they should only have sophomores, juniors, and seniors have open campus but not year-round. I think that sophomores and juniors should have it for 3rd and 4th quarters and not year round and I think that seniors should have it year-round. It also might help the students more and not get so stressed and not having to stay in school for like 7-8 hours. Even though some underclassmen may want it and they might not ruin I still think that they shouldn’t have open campus and it also helps other food stores or restaurants because some students might want something else than school lunch because they might not like the school lunch. 


I believe that people should have a chance but I think that the good underclassmen and know they won’t ruin it for everybody should get open campus during semester tests because I do feel like if every underclassmen get open campus they will ruin it for everyone. I also think that if you have one F you shouldn’t get open campus and work with the teacher to get the grade up at least for you can get open campus. I think some underclassmen are cable of it but some also isn’t cable of it and I think that sophomores can handle it. 


In my opinion, I think that sophomores, juniors, and seniors should have open campus because they can handle it but I think that underclassmen shouldn’t have open campus because some of them will ruin it or can’t handle it and I think that if freshmen do have open campus then I think that the good freshman should have open campus that can handle it but as long as they have good grades and no F’s. I think that if they try to get their grades up then I think that they should get open campus and as long as they have their grades us then they should have open campus. 




Do you think that freshmen should have open campus?

Do you think that students should have open campus during semester tests? 

Should sophomores get open campus during semester tests?

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    • I agree but I also think that freshmen should get it too because I think as long as they are responsible they should get open campus.

  • I think all the grades should have open campus during semester tests, students don't want to sit at school for around and hour and a half doing nothing when they could go home or have the option to go somewhere else to get lunch.

    • I agree with you because students will get bored but as long as they don't have any failing grades I think that they should be able to leave study hall.

  • I think that both freshman and sophomores should get open campus during semester tests because there is no point in staying for a study hall if there is no homework. Yes, you could use the study hall to actually study, but most people are usually prepared before that.

    • I agree because some students will be bored and they would have nothing to do so I think that they could leave.

  • Students should most definitely have an open campus during semester test days. It has not been a problem in the past and we didn't screw it up. I definitely think sophomores should have an open campus and maybe even the freshman. although most of them can't drive, they can walk places. 

    • I agree because some freshmen can ask sophomores to get a ride or from somebody else if they want to go somewhere else.

  • I think that freshman should have to chance to have open campus. I think students should have open campus during semester tests because some people like getting coffee to help them focus. Yes i think sophmores should have open campus becuase everyone should have the changce to be responsible.

    • I agree with you because some people need to get out of school and get less stressed and just get some to eat or drink or maybe both.

  • I think it is reasonable for students to have open campus on semester test days if they are doing good in their classes or at least passing. It would only be 4 days of the school year and students would get a break from testing. I don’t think preventing students from having open campus means they will study if they were not going to study for their tests before. 

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