Should Sex Ed be taught in school?

In 5th or 6th grade us children usually watch a half hour video, about puberty and what will happen to our bodies throughout Middle School and High School. What we don’t know is what exactly we experience. We have to figure out ourselves what STI’s are, and how to treat our bodies the right way, what to expect from our bodies and how to treat a certain problem, like a yeast infection or balanitis.

I personally like to learn about our bodies and to help our bodies with the right treatment. We need to learn what’s bad and to keep safe. STI’s are a real thing, we need to protect ourselves. Using birth control, or using rubber, that doesn’t always keep us safe from herpes, syphilis, and CMV, these can be caused by kissing, and us being teenagers getting into relationships we need to stay clear from all of these.

Sex Education can be known as a funny class, we make jokes about it but this class will do justice to us as students to understand and help our bodies. For one, this class will make us more aware of the things going on in our bodies, and we need to know that, and I don’t mean on a cellular level just a basic concept so we know how to treat illness, or infections, to know if we need a check up from a doctor or to know if we can just treat it ourselves.

According to Iowa Code, “Each school board should provide age-appropriate and research-based instruction in human growth and development, including instruction regarding human sexuality, self-esteem, stress management, interpersonal relationships, domestic abuse, HPV and the availability of a vaccine to prevent HPV, and acquired immune deficiency syndrome as required in grades one through twelve.”

In only seven states, sex education is a required class in high school, Iowa is one, however, Iowa only shows kids the puberty video and that just doesn’t give us, now young adults, much information. Iowa is even supposed to give us a program called TPP. It would be apart of sex ed, but we don’t have the class. So, should Sex Ed be taught in school?

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  • Great topic choice and really well done overall Erica! Your summary is a good length and you did a great job replying to people. The only thing I would say is to be sure to list your sources.

  • I believe that sex-ed should be taught in school. Many teens need this education to know the effects and consequences. Although the first few days many students wouldn't take it seriously. But after the first week or so I think that students would become even more mature in this class. 

  • I personally thing that sex ed should be taught in school because it helps educate teenagers for later in life and also the things that come along with you. I think it would benefit all teenagers with thier health and educate them well if thier parents don't.

  • I think that we should have a sex ed class, I dont think that it should be required but I do think that parents should choose if their kids should be in it. The one video in 5th grade was enough then but not now, not a lot of people know that you gan get preganate the first time and a lof of women do and then freshmen in highschool eather have to get an abortion or are going to be parents. If we have the full class it could edugate on that and a lot of the other things like you mentioned like STD or STIs.

  • Personally, I don't think that the school should have to teach us these things. I think that it is embarassing for a teacher to explain those topics, and it kind of envades our privacy. I think that parents should teach their kids things, and be able to help them along the way, instead of having a class during the school day - where people will make jokes and feel uncomfortable.

  • I think that sex ed should be required for atleast freshman year and to educate both genders on their bodies and about the opposite genders. Just things that happen and why. We can learn the consequences and some parents don't talk to their kids about it.

  • I think that Sex Ed should be a required class for freshman year.  I think that it can help many kids who are starting to date. I think it's important for them to understand their bodies further, and understand the potential consequences.

  • I think that sex ed should be required, many people don't understand and end up pregnant or a father. one little video won't do much I think they should go further in-depth and stop gendering the videos. in the end, if you date or marry a girl you should know about her body and how it works. there are still many misconceptions about the body and that can be dangerous depending on the situation.

  • I do not think thast sex ed should be reqiured in school, just beacuse of how much kids have alrady learned thorught there years of school and social media. Also it is just a big waste of time unless you would actully need to take the class for your pouropse.

  • I think it should be required. It should be a class that high schoolers or middle schoolers should be required to take because that is around the time your body starts changing. In high school people start getting in serious relationships and they should know more about STIs and other infections they can get. 

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