Should school days be shorter?

Every week students are going to school almost 40 hours every week (8 hours, 5 days a week). Students also start their day very early in the morning When students are in school for longer they are able to learn more and they would have more time to get their homework done, but then teachers, some days have lessons that can take the whole 43 mins to give the lesson and leave no time to get homework done. Some students struggle to balance their life outside of school and school-work. Some students tend to put sports and their lifestyle and “not” have time to do their homework.  So shorter days for students would give them more time to balance school and their life outside of school. 

On the other hand, shortening school days would force schools to extend the days students are in school. In Iowa a student is required to be in school for atleast 1,080 hours every school year. Shortening days will only benefit the students that have sports and jobs after school and not those who have nothing. Shortening days for students affects all students not just high school and middle school students but kids in Primary and Intermediate too. Shortening these days can put many families in financial stress and really be draining for everyone in that family and parents will have a tough time finding someone to transport and care for their young child. 

    I get that school takes up a lot of time out of everyones day but students should have responsibility to get their homework done and balance their life outside of school. I believe that school should stay the same duration of hours that it is now. As i stated earlier shortening school effects all students and puts families into financial stress and shortening school is very selfish for those struggling as is with school being 8 hours. 


Do you think school days should be shortened?


What would you think if our school shortened the days? 

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  • Well done overall Bailey!! What does research say about this?  Be sure to reply back on three different days. Congrats on being #1!

  • I do not think that school days should be shortened. Making the school days shorter would cause summer break to be shorter. Although a student could work more after school if the days were shorter, they would not be able to work as much during the summer due to summer break being shorter.

  • I don't think that shorting the days would be make every happy. One, people like to be at school expecially if someone dosent like being at home, this could be a better option. Alos, kids could possibly get in more trouble because they might use the "time for homework" as tme to mess around and possibly get introuble with their parents, or even the law.

  • I don't think that school days should be shorter because then it would make our school year even longer. The only positive about that is then there is less to comprehend in a single day. I would rather have longer days than a longer school year because then is cuts our summer by a lot.

  • I think that school days shoud not be shortened. I feel that school days are the right lenth of time for classes. If the days were shorter, there would have to be more school days added to the summer break because we need a certain amount of school hours. 

  • I like how long the school days are now becuase I still have time to get home and do my chores. I also have leftover time to relax. I think that if our school shortended the days there would be more homework and I would not get used to it.

  • I think that school day should be shorter because it causes so much stress on the kids and the parents. I think that it should be shorter on Monday Wednesdays and fridays because it will make the week go by faster and remove a lot more stress on kids.

  • I think that school day should be shorten because I think that school is too long. I think that school is long because by the time school got out people don't have very much time to do things.

  • I think that school days should be shortened like a hour because on 2hr early outs we still get our work done and then we will have more time to do work at home or homework at home but if it did ever get shortened then it should only be shortened like a hour or 2.

  • I think school days are the perfect length. the perfect amount of time for all the classes with leaving enough time for after school activities like sports and clubs.

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