Should high school students have jobs

With the legal age to hire being 14 most high school students get jobs around that time. Most do it so they can buy their own things and be able to pay for things like gas or diesel for their vehicles. Having a job during your high school years can have many pros but at the same time it can have many cons too. 


One good thing about high schoolers having jobs is it gives them the opportunity to earn their own money and learn how to save their money. They can also learn how to control their money and be more responsible with the way they spend it. Having a job in high school can also teach you the importance of time management and how to balance your schedule. It also has been proven that high school students with jobs are less likely to get into trouble since their days are filled. 


A bad thing about high schoolers having jobs is that it can hurt their academic performances since they don't have time outside of school to do their homework, especially students who have sports and then work right after. During high school is a time for people to make memories and have fun. Students that have jobs don't have as much time for them to have fun or make the memories that they're going to value the most or learn important life lessons from. 


I personally think that high schoolers should have jobs even though you wouldn't get as much time to have fun or make memories, there's always time for that stuff when you're not working. Having a job at a young age and learning the responsibilities that come with it will also help benefit you as a worker when you're older and move out of your parents home. It’ll also give you a head start at something in the real world so you're not having to rely on your parents to help you all the time when you're on your own.


Do you think high schoolers should have jobs? 

Do you think having a job during highschool will be beneficial to you as an adult?,can%20teach%20time%2Dmanagement%20skills.

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  • Yes i do think high schoolers should have job because it teaches them how to save money and be responsible for showing up on time and working. I think having job during high school can easily benefit you as adult because it help get you ready for the real world.

  • I think that high schoolers should be able to have jobs, it teaches them how to save and be responsible. having a job is one of the first big responsibilities you have with out your parent's help. and most jobs are flexible for teenagers so the hours won't interfere with school. 

  • I think that highschool students should have jobs and it would be beneficial as an adult. This allows students to save up for college funds, cars, and more assets that they will need to purchase later in life. This also allows them to pay for gas, because even as a student you have to drive places. 

  • I think that if the highschool student's schedule allows for a job, they should most definetly try to work. I think that it is extremely beneficial for highschool students to gather some real world work experience before they leave highschool, and or college.

  • I think that if it works for the student and they are able to balance a job, their school work, and if they are in a sport, than it would be very beneficial. I think that it would help students out a lot and they could be able to start paying for their own stuff, but for some students it would be hard to balance.

  • I think having a job in highschool can be very beneficial. If you learn to manage your time correctly, you can still have time to make memories and have fun. It gives you a lot of responsibilities but gives you an extra step towards your future.

  • Yes, I definitely think high schoolers should have jobs. Having a job can help you so much in the real world even if you don't go into that particular profession. It also helps get you started on how to save and manage your money. Having a job also bulids good social schools.

  • I think that high schoolers should get a job because it will be benificial for you in the future. It can help with social skills or help you pay for college. Overall I think that if you are able to get a job then you should but if you can't it wont hindure you. 

  • I think all highschoolers students should have a job so there sucsseful after school and dont have to rush and make money super fast so they can move out of there parents house. Everyday I have worked after highschool so I can pay for my own things.

  • I definetly think high-schoolers should have jobs. I work everyday after school, along with on weekends, and fulltime during the summer. Working has been very benificial to me.  I have been working after school for a while, and I have seen no harm to my grades. The money that comes along with working is a huge motivater, but it also teaches you how to manage the money, and helps you save up for post high-school plans.

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