Should Farm Equipment be Allowed on Highways

       This time of year there are several pieces of farm equipment traveling from farm to farm on highways. This is necessary for farmers to get their equipment where they need it, but some people claim that farm equipment should not be allowed on highways. 


       There are several reasons that highways are essential for farmers to move their equipment on. Highways are crucial for some farmers to move their equipment because some fields are only accessible by highway. It is also difficult for farmers to move their equipment through small areas, and the highway offers a large, and visible area to move the machine along. It can also be dangerous for farmers to move their equipment on gravel due to bad road conditions and little space for other drivers to get by. 


       On the contrary, some people claim that farm equipment should not be able to travel on highways. Some believe the equipment travels too slowly compared to the average speed of other vehicles. However, all vehicles traveling below thirty five miles per hour are required to have the reflective, slow moving vehicle sign, and flashing lights visible on the equipment. 


I believe, as long as the farmer is following those laws, it is reasonable for other vehicles to safely slow down, and wait for a good time to carefully pass the machine.


       I believe that farm equipment should be able to travel on highways, if their equipment meets the laws. It is vital for farmers to be able to use highways to get to their farms. It is safe for farm equipment to travel on highways if other drivers are cautious of the equipment, and farmers are aware of the machine's size and speed. All in all, both the drivers of the equipment, and drivers of other vehicles, should be safe, aware, and follow the law.


Do you think farm equipment should be allowed on highways, explain?

Have you ever driven farm equipment on a highway?


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          • I feel like some people just dont think about what they are doing before they are doing it. People who drive like that could kill a whole family and they would have to live with that for the rest of there life.

            • What is your favorite tractor or part or equipment that you like to ride around or transport on the highway. Do you have a specific thing you like to drive or move around while you are working or driving.

              • You said above that you have seen people drive past you in a no passing zone. Have you ever seen someone get hit by doing that or if they did hit a car would you get out of the tractor and go help them and call 911.

                • I have never seen an accident happen because of farm equipment, because most of the time if I see a driver trying to pass me in a dangerous spot, I slow down, and move over, so they can get around me faster and safer.

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