Should Biden be impeached?

Many people believe that president Joe Biden should be impeached. There are a lot of good and bad things he has done, since he has became our president and we will go over those things.

To begin Joe Biden, our 46th president, who was sworn is January 20, 2021, has done some good and some not so good things for our country.

Starting with the why Joe Biden should be impeached is because he weaponized the FBI to intiminate parents who showed up at the school board meeting .Second in 2021, 12 major cities in the U.S. broke the annual homicide records, and yet Biden ended the Trump Justice Department’s Operation Legend, which was responsible for deploying federal officers to aid local law enforcement during that time. Next even though we were in a major labor shortage Biden pushed for vaccine mandates, forcing companies with more than 100 employees, to fire their unvaccinated workers, making the labor shortage worse. Then with his war on war on fossil fuels, he helped drive domestic production down, causing gas prices to rise more than ever. Next, Biden pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to accept Russia's dominance over the Ukrainian country. Also president Biden is accused of spending $1.9 trillion dollars in social spending was disguised as "covid releif". And lastly what some people beleive is his worst things yet is his withdrawal from Afghanistan, when he left 62,000 of our Afghan allies behind enemy borders, and forced NATO allies to abandon their citizens and allies as well.  

Now that we covered Biden's not so good actions let us look at the bright side, and what things he has done good for our country. 

To start Joe Biden provided $546 million dollars on emergency housing assistance for people that are, or at risk, of being homeless. Next, has to be the stimulus checks during covid-19. Also he sent $1.3 billion to North Carolinian to help with child care. In addition, president Biden dministered 200 million vaccine doses in just 100 days. As well as providing $7.25 billion to small businesses. Biden also extended unemployment insurance and child credit payments. Additionally he Banned workplace discrimination against LGBT employees. He also provided dept relief for colored farmers.

Now that we went over pesident Joe Biden's positive and negitive actions, we now know that even though Biden has not done the best things for our country non of the things he has done is illegal and not worth being impeached. Plus if President Biden was to be impeached he would have commented the following, treason, bribery, or other high crimes. So in short terms, even though lots of people dislike Joe Biden and he is not the best president, it is not bad enough to remove him from office,


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  • Good job Anna! I enjoyed reading the responses. Very interesting!  -20 two days late

  • I think that Biden should be impeached because he has done absolutely nothing good for this country and the only reason he is president is because they messed up the election. He can't remember half the things that he says and that he has absoluetly no clue what is going on all the time.

  • I think biden should be impeached because he has caused so many problems. I have not heard one good thing he has done for this country, he is in fact bringing it down. From what I've heard, He has caused inflation and made some unreasonable decisions dealing with covid restrictions.

  • I believe Biden should be impeach because he has fired a lot of people and raised prices and everyone hates him because of his things that he has done and he's making everyone get the vaccine and people don't want that but he wants to anyways and not listen to the people.

  • I believe that President Biden should not be impeached. While he has done some questionable things, so has ex President Trump. The main reason that Biden has taken the troops out of Afganistan is because the Taliban are capturing and using the people as hostages so we can't do much since we don't want to hurt the residents. Yes he has also made people get fired, but that is to force people to get the vaccine so we can get this pandemic that started 2 years ago over with.

    • I agree with most of your statments. I am going to dissagree on the firing people for not having the vaccine because a lot of people have medical and religius reasons of not getting the vacine, and even with the shortage on employies Biden fired the ones who didn't get the vaccine and that isn't fair for those people that can't get it.

  • I believe Joe Biden is a terrible president. I believe he has no backbone and he was only elected because certain groups of people just hated trump that they would elect anyone. I think Biden is just a people pleaser and doesn't think about what will actually benefit the country. He never did anything illegal so I don't think he should be impeached. He is a trash president though.

    • Just because president Biden is not the best president does not mean he should be impeached right away with no true reason to impeach him. I do respect your opinion and I may not like him as much as other people do, but my feelings can't get in the way of over looking the positive things he has done for our country.

  • I don't think Biden should be impeached. He hasn't done anything against the law and therefore doesn't meet the one qualification for impeachment. Most of the people that say Biden should be impeached are almost solely the ones who just hate him and support Trump's presidency, so they look for any reason to impeach unjustly.

    • I fully agree, I think some people just want Biden impeached because of Trump being impeached and that their anti-Biden. 

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