Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned?

Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned?

Beauty pageants are a judge of how pretty someone is. Many people believe that they should be banned because it can lower self esteem, could cause pressure and tension, can cause disordered eating, body dissatisfaction, and depression. 

Beauty pageants are a terrible influence on society’s definition of perfect or beautiful. They make girls think that they have to look like the girls who win in order to be pretty, when that is not the case. Thoughts like that can cause a poor mindset in any girl’s mind which can be dangerous to her mental and physical health. 

Beauty pageants should be banned because of their threat to the health of girls and women. They provide false beauty standards, and lead girls striving to look that way at whatever cost. A lot of times, girls will develop disordered eating habits, depression, and body dissatisfaction trying to reach these goals. And many lose their self confidence, because they feel they aren’t enough, and that they need to change themselves. Beauty pageants are toxic and dangerous to the mental and physical health of girls and women, and they should be banned.

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  • I think that the only beauty pageants that should be banned are the ones that are for young girls and toddlers. In my opinion, if they are toddlers and they are in beauty pageants it was most likely not their choice to be in them in the first place it was most likely the parent's choice. This could be very toxic which, means that the parents are going to put a lot of pressure on their child to win the pageant. Which in the future could cause their children to have severe mental health problems. Don’t get me wrong pageants for people 16 and up could also be very mentally damaging, but these girls that are participating in these pageants could now also be learning about inclusivity and having respect for themselves and others, therefore, making the environment healthier to be around.

  • I think that buauty pageants should be because of the health problems but also becuase child beauty pagentats are just disguesting to me.

  • I think that they should be banned because some parents put their kids in them at really young ages and sometimes it's not the kid's choice if they can quit or not. If they are pushing a beuty standard and having girls loose their confindence and make them feel they aren't enough then they shouldn't be around.

  • I feel that pagetent should either be more inclusive or that they should be banned. Because if they were more inclusive you would see people with all different body types and not all the same or similair.

  • I do not think they should be banned, I think that if you don't think your pretty enough you should just know not to sign up for it in the first place and if you lose than its just that its not that big of a deal. I do not think women should go to extreme measures like starving themselves just to win.

  • I feel that beauty pageants are ok for older kids like 16 and up. But for toddlers and little kids heck no they have extreme pressure, mis a normal life, families have money and communication problems, and the kid may even have eating disorders and health problems growing up that way over all ok for adults that have the choice to enter a pageant but not ok for kids that are forced into it.

  • I honestly think beauty pageants should be banned. They make a certain look for how girls should be. Girls will/would go to any langths to make that happen causing some to end up develping eating disorders, mental heath isses, and possible physical issues. Most girls start this at a very young age as well starting them off with self confudens issues as well. 

  • I think that beauty pageants should be banned, Not only because you are competing on looks and talent but also because it can cause self-hatred and teach kids the wrong thing. Some girls start doing these pageants when they are very young which later when they grow up it may cause certain problems for them like not thinking they are pretty enough or thinking they are better then others. 

  • I think beauty pageants should be banned, because they inflict lots of self-hatred, and promote the wrong kinds of things. For example, beauty pageants make girls think they're not good enough or pretty enough. When in reality they're all gorgeous in their own ways. The beauty pageant industry really damages young girls, the pageants have a really big impact on the mental health of all the young girls who do pageants. 

  • I think beauty pageants should be banned. It creates standards on young girls and women that's not healthy at all. It makes them feel as though their not good enough, or pretty enough, even though in reality their beautiful. Sometimes if your unlucky your parents push it onto you constantly causing you to become depressed and more.

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