Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned?

Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned?

Beauty pageants are a judge of how pretty someone is. Many people believe that they should be banned because it can lower self esteem, could cause pressure and tension, can cause disordered eating, body dissatisfaction, and depression. 

Beauty pageants are a terrible influence on society’s definition of perfect or beautiful. They make girls think that they have to look like the girls who win in order to be pretty, when that is not the case. Thoughts like that can cause a poor mindset in any girl’s mind which can be dangerous to her mental and physical health. 

Beauty pageants should be banned because of their threat to the health of girls and women. They provide false beauty standards, and lead girls striving to look that way at whatever cost. A lot of times, girls will develop disordered eating habits, depression, and body dissatisfaction trying to reach these goals. And many lose their self confidence, because they feel they aren’t enough, and that they need to change themselves. Beauty pageants are toxic and dangerous to the mental and physical health of girls and women, and they should be banned.

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  • Great topic choice Kori and good summary, The issue is you only replied on time and that part is worth 30 points.

  • I think it should be a personal choice if women want to be in them or not. If they can't handle it then they shouldn't do it. I don't undertsand the point of it personally. Comparison is the steal of all joy and other women should not compare themselves to the women in beauty pageants.

  • In my opinion, I believe that beauty pageants should be banned. There is so many people with insecurities in this world and the pressure of girls to have just the right body, shape and size sould be hard.  Everyone is beautiful in their own way and we dont need the competition of beauty pageants to decide if we are beautiful. 


  • In my personal opinion, I do not think that beauty pageants should be banned. This is mainly because, in most cases, these women in the beauty pageants made their own decision and chose to partake in these pageants. Although they do promote harmful standards, it ultimately is a choice to enter these competitions.

  • I too beleive that beauty pagents are very much enforcing insecurities that most people have.  Everything from how short they are to whether their face is proportionate to their body.  The beauty pagents are very destructive and is kept going by people that are very masagentistic and cruel.  I think that beauty pagents should not remain a thing especially after the Miss America Awards.  It's getting so ridiculous with trying to please everybody from transgendered people, to men, women, every ethnicity.  I know we're trying to bring equality to everyone but at the same time, if you're just a dude in a dress with a bunch of make up you should not be considered the most beautiful being in the United States.  It's very unrealistic, and kind of dumb.

  • Beauty Pageants are a choice that a person could make. I think that they shouldn't be banned. If someone wants to do it they can, but if they are in mental or physcial distress then maybe they should not do them. 

  • I think that if girls cant handle being in beauty pageants, they shouldnt be in them. Like, if you are putting yourself in dangerous mental and physical spots, I think you should not do pageants, but if you are just doing it for fun and you don't put yourself in postions like, then that they should be allowed.

  • I have mixed feelings about beauty pagents. I think that for some people they can be really bad for their health because they are trying to force themselves to look a certain way. But some people also like beauty pagents because of the people they meet and other aspects of the competition. 

  • I don't think they should be banned but I feel that whole beauty thing should be changed. I feel so many girls think beauty is one thing due to all these pagents and social media. I think it should be ran a different way not a beauty way but a nice way.

  • i think they should be banned because the women who have to compete have to be a certain type of way wich could lead to anorexia nervosa or they won't eat. Some women who are in beauty pagents are toxic towards eachother and thaty could cause some mental health issues. That's why i think they shoulsd be banned

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