Should All Vaccines Be Required?

1777, General George Washington made the controversial decision to order the mass inoculation of his soldiers. An effort to combat the spread of Smallpox that, at the time, prevented enlistments,  posed the risk of hurting his army and tipping the balance of power against America's first warfighters. 2022, even before the Covid pandemic, and especially after, America has been asking: Should vaccines be required for kids to attend school? Should vaccines even be required?. 

In the early nineteenth century, European nation states began making smallpox vaccination mandatory for their armies, for the poor, or for the populace in general. Anti-vaccinationists formed to protest what they saw as unequal treatment and undue infringement of individual liberty.

Why it should be required

Vaccines can save kids’ lives. The American Academy of Pediatrics said that most childhood vaccines are 90%-99% effective in preventing diseases. They also use ingredients that are safe in the amounts that are used. Basically, they used harmful ingredients, but in a safe dosage. A third reason why it should be required is that vaccines not only protect you, but the community itself. It is harder for an outbreak to occur when everyone is fully vaccinated and has boosters as well. THe last reason is that Major medical organizations say that they are safe. The CDC, FDA ,IOM, AMA, APP,  and the USDHHS all say that they are safe for citizens

Why it should not be required

One huge reason people do not want a vaccine is because vaccines can cause serious and sometimes fatal side effects. Long term seizures, coma, and permanent brain damage may be associated with DTaP, a vaccine that handles 3 diseases and infections. A second reason is because vaccines contain harmful ingredients.There is Aluminum in some vaccines, which can cause brain damage, and some vaccines contain chicken egg protein and yeast proteins, which may be harmful to children or adults allergic to it. The last reason why it shouldn’t be required is because people believe that the government should not intervene in personal medical choices. Medical decisions for children should be left for the parents or caregivers. Freedom over one’s physical self is the most basic freedom of all, and people in a free society should be able to to have that, otherwise, the government basically owns our body. 

All 50 states require vaccinations for children entering public schools even though no mandatory federal vaccination laws exist. All 50 states issue medical exemptions, 47 states (excluding California, Mississippi, and West Virginia) permit religious exemptions, and 16 states allow an exemption for lifestyle reasons.

I think that it should be the parent/guardian's choice on whether or not their child gets certain vaccinations. I am not just talking about Covid vaccines, but any of them.I think that once the child turns 13-14, they should be able to have a least a part of a say in what they want and believe in, and I don’t think that schools should require vaccines for a child to go there. 


Do you think that we should have required vaccines?


If you were a parent and you had to give your child a certain vaccine (even if you don’t believe in it) how would you feel?


 Do you think that political views influence the rates of people who want vaccines to be mandatory and those who don’t?



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  • Good topic choice and well done MaryRuth! Be sure to comment back on three different days.

  • I do not think that all vaccines should be required. I think it should be up to the person, or a kids parents, to decide what vaccines they do, and don't want to get. I do think political views have an affect on peoples beliefs on vaccines. This might be because if a politician thinks vaccines shouldn't be required, people that like that politician will agree with them.

  • I do not think that vaccines should be required unless they are to save a person from super bad desieses. I feel it should be up to the kid if they want a vaccine that isn't required because it is their body. I think political views could influence some vaccine decisions. 

  • I think that some vaccines should be required. I think some diseases that are very deadly and cause very bad health problems and should have a vaccine as a requirement if it is available because it stops the spread in communities. If I was a parent, I would want my child to have a vaccine if it could prevent them from getting the disease and getting sick. I think that politics influence the rates of people who want and do not want a vaccine.

  • I don't think all vacinces should be legal I think some should though. If I did not belive in it I would be mad but if I did, I would not care. I do think that political views impact peoples thoughts on vaccinces and how they should be used.

  • I think that you should be able to have an option to get the vaccines. I think that I wouldn't make my kids get vaccines if they don't want to get it. I think that the politicics should not have a say on if your kid or you should get something that you dont want.

    • I agree, it should be the person's choice. If the government really thinks it is nesesary, they should have the states decide whether they should require it. Then, the state could let the people choose, and have a say in what goes into their bodies

  • I think that vaccines should not be required becase some people could get sick right after they get there vaccines. But I also think that some of the vaccines should be required becasue some of them you need like the one's you get when you are a baby.

    • Yes, there are some that are highly recommended because of babies low immune systems, but others, like flu, covid, and polio (Which is almost extint) shouldn't be required - or highly suggested, for babies

  • No, I don't think that they should be required because if you don't want to get it you shouldn't have to and some people are getting bad side effects from it not all tho. i wouldn't take them there to get it unless they want to get it then they can get there themself. 

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