Security cameras around school campus

Do you think schools should be allowed to have cameras in the hallways,  classrooms, and all around campus? This has been a very controversial topic for awhile. There are many pros and cons for both sides.


In an article I read, it said that 91% of public schools had security cameras in their hallways in 2020-2021. This is showing that the majority of public schools use this as a form of security. In that same article, it states that security cameras in schools are the second most used form of security. Schools rely on security camera footage for lots of things including fights, crashes, vandalism, theft, etc. 


There are many pros for having security cameras throughout schools, here are a few. If schools have security cameras outside of the school they can see what is going on in the parking lot and who comes into the school. Safety is the main reason schools have security cameras. To keep kids safe from intruders, to keep their belongings safe, and to keep them safe from other students. With security camera footage, schools can share important clips with emergency responders to figure out problems that might have happened.


Looking past all of the pros about this, there can also be some cons. Some might say it is an invasion of privacy to  students, teachers, and anyone who comes into the building. Another issue could be the cost of installing these cameras and purchasing them. They aren't cheap so the school has to have enough money to fund them or it might cause issues. Some might claim that security cameras don't help the crime because it has already been committed, so they can't do anything to prevent it.


I personally think schools should definitely have cameras on campus. I think it makes a safe environment for everyone, it can help solve many issues and all together make everyone feel a little more safe. It can also solve disputes between people if there was a crash and they don't know whose fault it was because the cameras would also be outside. I don't think that cameras should be inside classrooms though because that is a learning environment and it would feel weird having one in a classroom. They should definitely be showing all entrances to the rooms and their surroundings. 


Do you think schools should keep security cameras? 

Do you think cameras make the schools more safe? 

Would you be uncomfortable if there was a camera in your classroom? 

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  • Great topic choice and well written summary Catherine! You really should have commented quite a few more times however.

  • I personally do believe that schools should have the right to put up security cameras wherever they wish on their campus. I think that the use of security cameras greatly increases how safe a school is. I personally would have no issue with a security camera in one of my classes.

  • I think that schools should keep security cameras for obvious reasons. They're effective at keeping us safe. However, I don't think that there should be cameras in the classroom. I believe that it would make many students uncomfortable.

  • I think schools should have security cameras. It is a great way to keep staff and students safe. There would be no reason to be uncomfortable in a classroom where you are doing what your supposed too, kids that have a problem with it are the ones that arent acting inappropertly.

  • I think having cameras around the school is an excellent idea to keep students and staff safe. I think cameras can help better the school environment, if there in a problem of any sort they can just check the cameras and identify the perpetrators and give them proper punishment.  And as for your last question, I think it should be up to the school.

  • I think schools should keep security cameras. They may not be able to 100% prevent crime in schools, but they can help catch those who commit it. They're also useful if there's a dispute between students and they need to know what happened. However, I don't think there should be cameras in classrooms. It's an invasion of privacy and it isn't necessary.

  • I think schools should have security cameras keeping them out of locker rooms, bathroom, and classrooms. I say classrooms also because I don't think it would be very comfortable having one in the classroom. Around the school would be great, If something were to happen in the halls or lunch room etc. they would be able to catch it. 

  • I think that the cameras make it so kids have to be more carful about what and when they say and do certain things that could posible injger another person or activities that are illegal or that may push another student to do something illegal such as smoking or drinking.

  • I think schools should keep security cameras. Just for the fact that of what could happen in the hall ways or in the lunch room. I do think that the cameras make the schools more safe for introoder reasons. I don't think I would be uncomfortable if there was cameras. I just don't think that schools should have them in class rooms.


  • I believe that schools should have security cameras around the majority of school, keeping them out of private areas such as bathrooms and locker rooms. Though I do believe that there should be a camera pointed near those areas so if something were you happen you would be able to see the people who walked in and walked out while the event took place.

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