Post Malone Drug Use Accusations

In the last couple of months ago Post Malone was accused of using drugs before his concert because he was out stumbling and falling on the stage. A viral TikTok was posted of him stumbling on stage and slurring his words as he performed his song. His fans have also accused him of using drugs because of his drastic weight loss. His fans are very worried for his health and whether it’s alcohol or drugs he is starting to abuse them instead of using them for “fun”. Post Malone has come out and denied all of these accusations saying “I’m not on drugs and I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life”. Whether you think he is or isn't, if he is, he should be stopped because it is terrible for his health and it's not healthy for him to be doing this, especially at a concert in front of thousands of his fans and millions online. 


Do you think that Post Malone is abusing drugs? 

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  • Your topioc is new so +5. Your summary is short and also be suire to reply back on three different days. Late

  • I have watched many Post Malone videos, if you pay attention it is one song that he acts that way. he has done many intreviews explainging why he is that way on stage,His father has gone as far as to do an interview explaining Post Malones new diet and excerise. The song that he acts this way to is i fall apart. He expressing his emotions, please watch other videos of him at the same concert

  • I have heard of these drug accusations, and I think that he is on drugs of some kind. However, he is known to give his all into all of his shows, so I think part of his actions on stage are just raw emotion. However, he does have a past with drugs, so I think its a very good possibility for him to be abusing drugs now.

  • I think that Post Malone is 100% on drugs and abusing them too. But what is sad, is that there are so many artists that do this. The only problem with this situation is Post Malone is just not doing a very good job hiding it. 

    • I agree that there are other artists who are abusing drugs throughout the community of singers and rappers.

  • I have heard things about Post Malone being too into drugs, and my reaction to these things is always sympathy. Drug addiction is a slippery and deadly slope, especially for entertainers of his popularity. Post Malone is a rapper and unfortunately in that circle drugs and the misuse of them is very common. I hope he gets better if he is abusing substances. 

  • Yes, I do think that Post Malone is using/abusing drugs. He has said it on record that he smokes weed while writing songs because it gives him inspiration and ideas. This was on a Joe Rogan Experience podcast. No physically well person would just fall on stage like that. Often, people don't just quit drugs and feel better, the addiction continues.

  • Yes, I think that Post Malone is abusing drugs. I don't think he should be abusing drugs because it has a terrible effect on his health. I hope that he is not using drugs, and I hope he realizes the consequences he will face if he is. I think that Post Malone is lying, but we won't know because he is not going to come out and say it.

    • I agree that if he doesn't stop he will have terrible health and eventually he will face the consequences.

  • I am not sure if he is or not but I know that he should not be if he is. Even it it is just for "fun" I am againts using drugs. Just seeing whatdrugs has done to others and what it can do, I am against the use of drugs. I hope he is not using drugs. I also feel that people coming out and saying they are not doing drugs is something they would lie about. I am not saying he is lying but I doubt he would be honest about it if he was.

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