Pancakes V.S. Waffles

Pancakes and waffles are the classic breakfast food. Some people say one is better than the other. Some say they are the same, waffles just have divots. What's the difference? Why is there a big debate about the two breakfasts? 


Pancakes are a very well known breakfast food. Pancakes are healthier by 18 calories, plain. Pancakes are fluffy, warm, and soft. People say that pancakes are better because they are soft and way easier to eat. Waffles are hard to eat. Also the syrup doesn’t get stuck in divots like waffles do. They also go well with almost every other breakfast food. Pancakes are very easy to make. From scratch and from a box. Pancakes are also known to go with any meal. 


Waffle lovers think they are better because they are crispy and taste better. They have very toppings and never get soggy. Waffles are savory and sweet. Waffles can also come in different flavors such as banana and chocolate. Waffles go together with most everything. They can vary from cream cheese and strawberries to fried chicken. Waffles can also be eaten at every meal.


Personally I think waffles are better because the divots in them could be very useful like for holding syrup. Also fried chicken goes very well with waffles, way better then with pancakes. 

Do you think waffles or pancakes are better?

Whats your favorite combo with them?,they%20are%20easy%20to%20reheat.,eighth%2Dgrade%20social%20studies%20teacher.

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  • I personally like waffles way more than pancakes for the sole reason of pancakes being really dry . If you do not have a drink with pancakes then you will find it hard to breath when eating a large amount of them. My favorite combo is waffles with syrup and whipped cream.

  • I think waffles are better in my opinion. They are similar to pancakes, but since they are firmer than pancakes, they don't get soggy as fast. Pancakes are easier to make at home, but waffle makers aren't extremely expensive so it's a good thing to have available as well. Waffles also have divots, which makes it easier to keep your toppings in one spot, it doesn't slide off once it melts like it would on a pancake.

  • I think that waffles are much better than pancakes and its because of one deciding factor, waflles dont get soggy and they dont absorb the syrup like pancakes do, also if you put fruit and toppings on waffles they on better than with pancakes because of the divots, my favorite combo is a waffle with syrup, whip cream, and strawberries.

  • I like pancakes and waffles but ive always loved pancakes more, unless it is at a hotel or a breakfast banquet or something i eat waffels. i think waffels are easier to make in a waffle maker but i think i would chose pancakes with syrup over waffles 

  • I think that pancakes are better than waffles because of how much you can put with them. I like to eat pancakes with peanut butter and serup. I also like to eat them with straberries and serup but if you do that then its better to keep your strawberries away from your serup.

  • Im pretty sure there the same thing just different shapes. But I perfer pancakes because there easier to make. I usually only eat waffles if im staying at a hotel that has them for breakfast. My favorite combo with pancakes is syrup and butter. Or chochlate chips in them.

  • When it comes debates like this I pthink it just comes down to persinal choice. I persinally prefer waffles to pancakes but I will eat and enjoy both. Waffles to me are just better because they are easier to make and are great with many topings.

  • I will eat both of them but when I have the choice its waffles all the way. Theres not much of an argument behind it because waffles are just better. Waffles are escpecially good with cool whip, strawberries and syrup. I would say waffles are the best breakfast food. 

  • I think pancakes are better because they won't be as dry and they can pretty much be easy to make instead of waffles because you can make them on the stove while you have to have a certain baker. I like them with syrup and it's better to eat them with syrup.

  • I like both of them, but I feel like pancakes are better because they're easy to make. I have never made waffles, but I have made pancakes. It is very easy to make and they are simple. I like eating pancakes with syrup and sometimes with fruit like strawberries.

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