Pakistan and India Heatwave

Recently on April 30, temperature in India and Pakistan reached its highest levels in more than 100 years. Millions of lives have been at risk due to the overheating and the climate.


The death toll due to extreme heat in Sindh, south of Pakistan has exceeded the numbers of  800. It is stated that 780 people died in Karachi, and at least 30 in the other parts of the state. The Pakistani government is accused of being insufficient in the crisis. In New Delhi , there has been a week with over 40  Celsius (105 Fahrenheit), which is 7 more than the average degree celsius. Heat has been closing schools and workshops, jobs, damaged most of the factories and caused economical damage in a huge amount. Meteorologists stated that people should stay in their homes and drink as much water as possible. In Pakistan, the situation is even worse. The temperature has been more than 47 Celsius (117 Fahrenheit). This was the highest temperature recorded in any place in the Northern Hemisphere.


The prime minister of Pakistan, Navaz Sharif, called for emergency measures to be put in place. The army set up treatment centers for the people who got affected because of the heat. The air conditioners and fans have not been working and the situation angers the public. People that are fasting due to Ramadan are suffering terribly from the heat and get dehydrated and hungry. Agricultural workers have lost the majority of their crops and lands because of the heat and the heat hurt the economy of the countries significantly.


I think the situation is a lot worse than we think right now and the climate crisis is getting worse day by day. Undeveloped countries like this have been suffering more from climate change and global warming. Issues like this will be more common in future because people aren’t doing enough to prevent it. In my opinion we should pay attention and worry more about the situations that are going on around the world because it is not something we can just ignore.

How can the situation in Pakistan and India be prevented?


Do you think Global Warming will affect more countries in the future?

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  • Well done Tolga! New topic so +5. 

  • I think that global warming is a big issue, but I don't really think we can do anything about it to help in the long run. I mean, every how many years we go through an ice age. Maybe it's just getting to be that time again, and I'm sorry that we have to deal with it, and so do the future generations, but as of right now with the technology that we have, it would be very unlikely to keep it from happening I think. 

  • Global warming is literally such a big issue that the generation before us ignores and says is fake. If we do not take drastic measures for things like this quickly our planet is literally going to be worn out so much sooner than any one has predicted. It's actually frightening.

  • global warming is so much more serious than others think, it's not only making the ocean rise but is causing intense heat waves or cold flashes all over the world.

  • Global warming is much more serious than people think. It's affecting us a lot and we aren't taking care of it so it is worsening. I personally think it is going to affect the entire world not just a certain area.

  • I think if we were to help out both countries with resources to help the people, that could benefit us in the long run. I think global warming is definitely going to affect other countries in either the near future or the long run. 

  • I do think that global warming is a big deal but people don't really pay attention to it since it's not taking place in our country as noticeable as it is in underdeveloped countries.  I do think that global warming will start to affect more countries around the world as well. 

  • If alll us us, not just individuals and not just countries, but the whole planet cut down on our waste production, invest large ammounts of money in renewable energy sources, and agree to focus of the future, we can slow down climate change and maybe even reverse.

    • Yes that is true but it is not likely that countries would put large amounts of money to a matter like global warming because every country has to think about their outcome first.

  • I think that the situation in Pakistan and India is a perfect example of what will eventually start to happen to the rest of the world if we keep consuming and producing like we have been.  I think that as a planet, we need to reduce our waste and produce things more efficiently to stop and hopefully reverse the affects of global warming.

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