New semester test schedule?

Semester tests are just around the corner and every year in the past we have run the same schedule, and everyone including the teachers are okay with it. Until now someone decided they wanted to make some changes to our schedule, which I'll remind you has gone very well in the past years. Well this someone is proposing to take away some of our privileges including lunch open campus. Does she really expect us to sit in the lunchroom for an hour? I would rather go home and eat something edible rather than sit in the lunchroom for an hour on those uncomfortable chairs eating that awful food.


With this new schedule I also feel it could affect some of the students' test grades considering some of them are taking multiple tests a day therefore they need a proper break to refresh their minds but these shortened passing times will not help out at all with that.


In the end I really think it would be best if we just went back to our old schedule instead of trying to switch things up.

What do you think about the new schedule?

Do you feel like longer passing periods helped with preparing for tests?

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  • This topic had already been done by another students. Be sure to expand a bit more and comment a bit more.

  • I think the schedule should go back to how it was. I enjoyed the old schedule and the longer break honestly. It really helped me focus more and be more prepared. I don't understand why she would change it. She shouldn't change something that was working completely fine.

  • I think that they should just revert back to the last schedule. I dont like the new shcedule for obvious reasons. I would enjoy having longer passing periods to prepare for the tests. Expecially because 5 minutes would just get you to your class with no studing time. I think that many students also would like to have the old schedule back. 

  • I completely agree with you I do not understand why the principle has changed the schedule after many years and more students getting used to it and then all of a sudden it turned around big time. I know that many students are upset with this and I think it should be changed back to the old one.

  • I have not seen the new schedule so I cannot have an opinion on it at this time.  The pros and cons are a bit of a grey area seeing as we have not yet experienced this passing period.  It might sound bad right now, but it may turn out to be a better experience than is perceived.  I think that the new authorities are trying to leave a better imprint on us than has been given in the past years.  Mrs. Ring is probably doing this for our own health and safety as well as the convenience of the school staff.  I believe that the semester test lunch period changes could be beneficial.  I have not heard of its side-effects so I am going to do a thumbs up I guess.

  • I think that the principal should just keep it the same. It just makes everything easier. I feel like if she had evidence and proof that it would work better then that is different. I feel like people used to use the longer passing time to study for their next test and not have a study time at the beginning of the day.

  • I think that we should go back to the old schedule and not be changing it because students won't be used to the new schedule. I think that it helps to prepare tests because students use it and it helps them a lot for their next test.

  • I liked the semester test schedule that we had last year, and it worked well so it doesn't make sense in my opinion to change it. I strongly dislike the new schedule because we don't have an open campus. Personally, I don't study for semester tests, so the longer passing periods don't matter to me.

  • I do not like the new semster test schedule Mrs. Ring has sent out. Harlan has never had problems with the old semester test schedule, so I am unsure why the new principle wants to change it before she experiences it. Several students do not agree with the new schedule, so I think it would be best if the new semester test schedule is reconsidered and is changed back to the old schedule.

  • I really liked the semester test schedule from last year, and I think we should have kept it for this year. Last year I used the 30 minutes between classes to study for my next class. So this year with only 5 minutes between classes, I will have to study all of the stuff for all of my classes before the school day. I think this is very bad because it will over load kids brains trying to study for all their tests at once.

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