Mahsa Amini protests in Iran

 "" Mahsa Amini protests in Iran

Mahsa Amini was a 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman detained by the ‘morality police’ on September 13 after being accused of violating the country’s conservative dress code. She refused to wear a hijab, a head covering worn by Muslim women to conceal their hair. She was sent to a re-education session. During the session, she collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital, and ultimately died. The police say she had a heart attack, but her family and the global community believe that to be a lie, attributing her death to brutality at the hands of the police. This injustice was the last crack in the damn and within days a series of mass protests led by women flooded out into the streets to protest the harsh ruling of the religious regime there. Iran has had protests before, however, the scale of these protests is astonishing. The government and morality police have tried to silence the mobs, but by being dispersed across the nation, they are harder to track down and stop. Civil rights and religious ideologies are at the forefront of everyone's mind in the country and will be for quite some time.

Women in the protests are burning their hijabs, dancing in the streets, and calling for freedom and the death of the supreme leader. The government has had Journalists jailed, hundreds of Iranian women have been beaten in the streets and arrested, and at least 323 people have been killed, and 1,160 people have been injured out of the approximately 90,000 people involved in the protests.

These protests are the culmination of a great deal of turmoil and political unrest. The people of Iran demand liberation, and a government that treats them fairly and with respect. They are tired of being harassed by morality police in the streets and feeling unsafe. “Basically, we all feel that any of us could be Mahsa.” (Dorsa Jabbari)


- Do you think that the protesters will succeed in getting social reform? Or do you think the Iranian theocracy (The religious government) will be able to maintain power

- Do you think America should support the Iranian protesters if it came at the expense of worsening the relations between the countries' governments? And what kinds of events, if any, should necessitate U.S. involvement?

- Why did the death of one person cause such massive protests? What forces drove people to do that? How do you think the women of Iran feel about  HYPERLINK "" Mahsa Amini’s death and the protests it caused?

- Do you think anyone in Iran feels that the protests are in bad faith and that the morality police are a force for good? Do you think young women and elders approach these issues differently?

And reflect on yourself and your country, if someone from your community was murdered by police, would you protest? Think about how dangerous that could be.


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  • Your topic choice is good but be sure to include more of your thoughts and opinions as well. Also be sure to clean up your hyperlinks. There should be one at the very beginiing and within a question. This was four days late.

  • I think that the people who are protesting there in Iran are very brave. They are standing up and raising their voices for very good reasons. In my view, everyone should be able to wear what they want and the government shouldn't force people to wear religious clothes. 

    • I agree with you wearing a hijab should be a choice, not something that is forced. all the people who are protesting are very brave.

  • I do believe that's because it is deeply embedded in Iranian Society, the theocracy or religion that is making laws will survive or even thrive.If they are indeed in bad faith or not well received we could have a civil war or a rebellion or possibly to the point I don't expect this this is just me going to extremes or World War the other question that I just answered what the world war part is r intervention As Americans it gets to a point where people are slaughtered because they aren't wearing their hijabs we as a government should know the moral ground day or standing upon we kind of need to  ring them up from that Valley because you know you're good you're on a pedestal and bad your lower you know bad analogy. anyway back to our intervention after orange invention happens  then Iran will gather more countries like China and Russia on their side and we as Americans have these allies in like Britain and Canada I don't know uhhhh  so that world war or Civil War or even just protests  they happen or this could just all blow over.

    • I'm not too sure if this will just blow over this is something that has been a problem for a while I think that Iran needs a change a hijab should be a choice to wear not something that is forced.

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