Kanye West Controversy

Ye, formerly Kanye West, is a Chicago, Illinois native rapper, songwriter, producer, as well as fashion designer. He was born on June 8th, 1977, to Ray and Donda West. Throughout his musical career he has accumulated twenty-one Grammys, making him the most decorated hip hop artist in the world, as well as countless other prestigious awards totaling more than seven hundred ninety nominations and over two hundred fifty wins. More than two hundred of his songs have made it onto the Billboard Top 100. Kanye West has also helped produce over ten Billboard Top 10 songs and multiple number one albums with other artists. In November of 2013, he partnered with the clothing and shoe brand Adidas to launch his wildly successful “Yeezy” line of clothes and shoes.

But, as I am sure many of you have already heard, Kanye West has gotten himself in a lot of hot water as of late. Much of the controversy currently surrounding him stems from the things he posts on a popular social media platform, Twitter. Within the last few months Kanye has been pushing a narrative to his followers, and the public, that the media, banks, government etc. are being controlled behind the scenes by people of Jewish backgrounds. These comments were met with immediate backlash from the public. Many people called for his Twitter accounts to be terminated. Kanye West fought these requests by claiming he was only exercising his freedom of speech on the platform. With the ownership of Twitter recently being transferred from Jack Dorsey to multi-billionaire Elon Musk, freedom of expression and speech on the app has been a hotly debated topic. Kanye West only worsened the situation by later tweeting, “I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE. The funny thing is I actually can’t be Anti Semitic because black people are actually Jew also You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda.” Many of the people that disagreed with Kanye’s statements once again called for his account to be shut down. They claimed that he had threatened the Jewish people, which is not protected under the first amendment right to freedom of speech and expression.


It seems that Mr. West simply does not know when to stop, as he recently took things to a new level in an interview with Alex Jones on InfoWars. During this interview Kanye expressed his belief that all people should be valued and that he loves everyone. While this may seem like a step in the right direction following his many antisemitic comments, he followed up this statement by saying he loved all people including Nazis. Nazis, or the Nation Socialist German Worker’s Party, was the politcal party in control of Germany at the time of the Holocost. The holocost took place during World War II and saw the death of over six million jewish people all across war-torn Europe. In this interview Kanye tries to mitigate the severity of the atrocities committed by the Nazi soldiers and leaders. He continues to say that he even loves Adolf Hitler, the Nazi dictator of German during World War II, often considered one of the worst people to ever walk the earth. As if this was not enough to ruin what was left of Kanye West’s reputation, he posted a picture of the Jewish star of David with a swastika, the symbol used by the Nazis during World War II, shortly after the interview ended. This was the final straw for many people, including the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk. Kanye West’s account was suspended early in the morning on Friday of last week. Elon Musk made a statement that his tweets had violated the platform's terms of service by inciting violence. 







What do you think about the situation?

Do you think that his account should be banned?

What do you think is going through his head?

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  • Great topic choice and great summary Reese! Be sure to comment back on three different days. All but one was done on December 8.

  • I think that banning his account would make more of an issue. I do think that some of the things he did, was not ok. He also could be trying to get attention from it or the thrill of it. Maybe banning his account could help some situations but maybe not.

  • I think that what he is saying is not ok and the fact that he is saying it's fine because of the freedom of speech is straight up wrong. If he continues with his hateful comment than his account should definitely be banned. I think that he needs to realize that what he is saying is getting no where I mean he already got the production of Yeezys shut down and he personally got thrown out of another shoe corporation.

  • I do think that some of the things he did was wrong. But I also feel like he was seeking attention from a lot of it. But he didn't exactly get the type of attention he wanted from social media. He got bashed and hated on for some of what he did. 

  •  So I checked the website and a couple other websites with more news articles the situation is pretty bad add squats to go inside of the Star of David is one just messed up two I think that it is degrading towards those who use the Star of David as one of their religious symbols Astros games we used to cross that used to start dating and putting something that is anti-jewish I guess because Holocaust dealio  and resolution fit for a movie everybody freaks out the Bantam from Twitter which is the medium if you will the artist chose to use so they at least tried to prevent from further destruction or derogatory words and or symbols I personally think that you received this consequence end you should just think before acting I guess

  • I think what he did is wrong but some people find is funny for some reason. I think hes doing it for attention and fame. But hes not gonna like the attention he gets from this. I don't think he should be banned but i do think he should take a break and get his act together.

    • I do partially agree with you that some of what he is saying and his overly comical antics are for attention. But I also think that he has genuine mental health problems that are causing him to say these ridiculous things about jewish people.

  • I think that sometimes stuff should jus tbe kept to himself. Some things he says is just out of pocket. I don't think he should get permenatly banned but just to get his head out of the gutter.

  • I think that Kanye needs to start keeping to himself. Some of the things he says are terrible. However, I don't think that he should be permanently banned. I am not sure what is going through Kanye's head because of how outrageous some of the things he says are. 

  • I think that some of the things should just be kept to himself. I don't think it should be banned permenatly but when he gets help then sure because he doesn't see anything wrong with the stuff he says. I think when he says how he loves everyone he doesn't realize that loving Hitler is not a popular opinion.

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