John Madden, mainly known as a Super Bowl-winning coach. With a record of 103-32-7 John was one of the greatest coaches in the NFL.  Also known as a famous NFL broadcaster. Recently, John Madden passed away unexpectedly from unknown causes. This caused heartbreak in America. 


During John Madden's lifetime, he lent his name to a now - very successful video game called “Madden”. Madden is a widely known football video game. A new version of this game comes out every year. You select a team, and can play an online version of football. 


In my opinion, John Madden went from a very successful player, which ended in a career ending injury. To a successful coach and broadcaster. It seemed his injury ended up being something good in disguise. He was able to live 85 years of victory, and wealth. I personally think that he will go down in history and will always be remembered for his amazing career.


Do you think John Madden legacy will be continued?


Did you know about John Madden before this?

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  • Your topic is good but your summary is quite brief and you should have replied a few more times.

  • I think that he will be remebered for the things he did and the impact he left on the NFL. I knew of him but not much about him personally. I think that the games named after him will continue to be sucsful and will always keep him in memeory

  • Before reading this I knew who John Madden was. I agree that he will be a historian man for what he has done. As many know he was parted with EA Madden which is the highest selling sports game. Not only will the legacy continue but his name will forever be mentioned in the hall of fame.

  • I think that many people will still bring him back through his video games and his passion for football. I knew about him but I personally didn't really look into him that much or have much interest because I never played the Madden games and I never really kept caught up with his football legacy either. I do know that they day he passed many people were very torn and miss him a lot though.

  • I think that with the continuation of the madden games and that everyone in the league knows his name. his legacy will be carried on for a long time.

  • I think that the NFL will keep making video games of his name and keep him as a really good coach. I did know him before and I play his video games all the time. I hope they keep the Madden games because they are really fun to play and vers your friends too. I think he will be remebered for decades in football history.

  • I didn't really know anything about John Madden before I read this post, but I think that his legacy will be continued and no one will forget his name for a very long time. I think everybody knows about the Madden video game, so that alone could be enough to instill his legacy into the country.

  • I did know about John Madden before I read this. I agree with you when you said that he will go down in history and be remembered for his amazing career. I think his legacy will live on because of the video game and the impact he had on football. 

  • I think that John Madden's legacy will continue for a long time, even after his death.  I think that the Madden football games have immortalized his name into society.  I was familiar with the name John Madden, but I didn't know a whole lot about him.

  • I did know about John Madden before he passed away. His legacy will definetly continue not only for his career but for the game. Having his name on the game will definetly keep him remembered. The new madden should definetly have him on the cover to remember him.

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