Is this boy the real Ryker Webb?

I recently heard about Ryker Webb's case, and I was immediately intrigued to learn more and keep digging. Ryker Webb was a 3-year-old little boy (picture shown below) who lived in rural Montana, near the area of the 18th-mile marker of highway 56, south of Troy, Montana. Ryker was last seen June 3rd, 2022, playing outside with their family dog in the backyard, his parents went inside for a quick minute and when they came back, Ryker was gone. One thing that doesn’t sit right with me about this case, is that Ryker's parents waited 2 hours to call the authorities to report he was missing, weird right? Well, the case gets even weirder. Ryker was missing for around 48 hours, during this time the cops were looking for him. But they didn’t have high hopes. This area of Montana is known for roaming mountain lions and bears. There were also pounding thunderstorms, and temperatures dropped down to the ’40s. 

Two days later, on June 5th, 2022 a family was checking up on their cabin home when they heard a crying/whimpering noise from where their generator sat. They went over to investigate the area and found a little boy huddled inside a lawn mower bag, trying to stay warm. The family immediately called the authorities. When the authorities arrived at the cabin, Ryker looked hungry, thirsty, and cold. Ryker told the authorities that he “Went for a long walk by himself, but got tired and found somewhere to rest”. Ryker was found 2.4 miles away from his home, how did a 3-year-old walk all that ways ALONE through a severe thunderstorm, and mountain lion/bear-invested woods? Lincoln County Sheriff, Darren Short said “He was very, very scared. He had a wide-eyed look across his face” (picture shown below). 

The picture of him before he went missing looks completely different than when they found him, even the facial structure is different. Some people are saying that his traumatized look is from “shell shock”, also known as PTSD. Ryker was also wearing different clothing from before he went missing. But his parents did a DNA test to make sure it was him and it came back that, that child was Ryker. But one thing I don’t understand is, his parents said he had a birthmark when he was born… but when he was found it was missing. Did it just disappear? 

I have so many questions and I read so many different answers. People are thinking, is this the real Ryker? Or is this another child that went missing, and is the real Ryker still out there but was never found? This whole case is very interesting and has so many theories about what truly happened to Ryker so I want to hear your thoughts. 


Why would Ryker’s Parents wait 2 hours to call the authorities about a missing 3 YEAR OLD?


How did a 3-year-old survive in the woods alone, with all the storms and dangerous animals for 48hrs?


Why does he look so much different than before, and was found without his birthmark and in different clothing?


Is this the real Ryker? Or is the real Ryker still out there or passed?


Do you think the parents or someone else was involved with his whole disappearance?



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  • Great job Emma!!

  • I believe that this could have been the same boy if it had not been for the clothing swap. if someone had given him a new change of clothes, why would they let him back into the forest alone again. Plus, I think his haircut looks completely different in the before and after pictures.

  • I think that this situation is super freaky. I don't even know what to think because of how confusing this is. Like how does this even happen! I think that they should keep looking for the boy and run tests on the boy that has been found. 

    • They did do a paternity test on the boy they did find, it ended up being Ryker, or so the parents say, but it's still super weird that he looks so much different then before, and is missing his birthmark he had since he was a baby. 

      • That is really weird. I'm not really a doctor or scientist. But I think they should run even more tests that could show how the birthmark could be gone. I don't really know how they would do that, but I'm sure there is a way out there. Also, I want to know everything that the boy said. So many questions!

  • I don't think the little boy would look so different for only being missing for two days, it is very weird that he looks like a different kid after they found him. I also think it is weird that it took the little kids' parents 2 hours to call the police, they could have been looking for him, but they should've called sooner.

    • I thought it was also pretty suspicious that he was found in different clothing, than when he went missing. Most law enforcement won't go looking for a child that has been missing for less then an hour, but you have to think, he was only 3 years old... and they could have at least tried to see if they could do something, or even go look for him themselves.

  •  I had heard about this case as well, and I think that the whole thing is very suspicious. I think the weirdest part is that he was wearing different clothes than when he went missing. It was also weird that the parents didn't call the ploice for 2 hours. 2.4 miles is a long ways for a 3 year old to walk, let alone in the mountains. I know that 2 days is a long time to go without food, but I don't thunk that would result in him losing that much weight in his face area.

    • I agree, especially since they said it was heavily populated with mountain lions and bears. And the parents waited so long to call...very suspicious. It makes me wonder if they were in on him going missing so they would get some extra cash from all the attention it brought towards them.

  • dude walked to far and would have died with the weather conditions i think it is a dopplganger and officials should still be looking. with ot confermation of any genetics or past health issues there should still be a search party.the whole dissapearing burth mark is a big big red flag that its not him

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