Is Tesla's self driving mode safe?

Tesla's have been engineered to be the safest cars in the world. They believe that technology will improve safety. The Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y have all been tested by the U.S. government's New Car Assesment program and achieved the lowest overall possibility of injury of amoung all the other cars that they have tested. 

The question is... Are they really that safe?

They have advanced sensor coverage that has 360 degrees of visibility and up to 270 meters of range. The autopilot mode in tesla vehichles allows the car to steer, brake, and accelerate within its lane. Independent to the car, the tesla allows its own updates and advancements to provide new features over time. With navigation, the tesla will suggest lane changes to get around slow cars or trucks. With the advanced cameras and sensors, the autopilot is able to navigate through windy roads with just driver supervision, not intervention. All of this is designed to be the safest it can be, though all drivers should stay alert and ready to take control. Multiple warnings over anything that is possibly occuring pops up on the screen to inform the driver, such as front and side collision warnings. All of these advanced opportunites are available with responsible drivers and many safety precatutions such as staying alert at all times behind the wheel.

In my opinion, the self-driving mode that each tesla model offers is something that can be loved or hated. It is definitely something to get used to but I think that as time goes on, they will get more and more advanced and safe. From personal experience, it does know what it is doing, there is hardly ever a need for complete override on the drivers' part. I think that while it is still developing completely, it has a great start.


Do you think Tesla's autopilot driving mode is safe?

Would you ride in a self-driving Tesla?

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  • Tesla's autopilot driving mode is still unknown and a little scary to some. I think it will continue to get better and safer in the future, but as of now, I personally wouldn't trust autopilot. I eventually could possibly trust it more if the technology continues to advance and become better.

    • I agree, as time goes on people should trust it more with more information and tests.

  • I think that they might have a slighty chance of crashing but i do think that teslas are pretty well made I know the driving part is moeant for highways specicallly, becuase its not like anybody who made the cars are willing to drive on every road every made so they can program the car.

  • If I had a Tesla I don't think I would trust the autopilot driving mode. I don't think I could leave it all up to a car and just hope it can do it right. I think it leaves room for a lot of mistakes. It could easily stop working, not see a car, or even start going crazy. I don't think I would leave it up to a car to drive me somewhere.

    • I see where you're coming from with how you don't truly know what'll do in the moment. But the point of it is for it to MOSTLY drive itself, the  driver should always stay alert behind the wheel and can override the car.

  • I think that Tesla's autopilot driving mode is not safe. There are several things that could happen if it were to stop working and take you off the road or into other vehicles. I personally would not ride in a car if it were self-driving, I feel it would be much to risky. 

  • I haven't personally seen any of the cars so I don't have a strong opinion. The unknown of it is a little bit scary but if technology continues to advance I think it could be something we see more often on the roads. I wouldn't ride in one yet.

    • I agree, the unknown factors about it are a little frightening at times but the technology is advancing and I think that in the future most people should trust it.

  • I think that the self-driving technology that has been released could be very useful in the future once its technology is more sound. No machine will ever be 100% foolproof, but I do think the technology and knowledge surrounding self operating vehicles is not up to the standard it should be yet.

    • I completely agree, it will never be 100% foolproof because there are ENDLESS possibilities. I think it could definietly advance with specific sensors and/ or cameras.

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