Is Tesla's self driving mode safe?

Tesla's have been engineered to be the safest cars in the world. They believe that technology will improve safety. The Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y have all been tested by the U.S. government's New Car Assesment program and achieved the lowest overall possibility of injury of amoung all the other cars that they have tested. 

The question is... Are they really that safe?

They have advanced sensor coverage that has 360 degrees of visibility and up to 270 meters of range. The autopilot mode in tesla vehichles allows the car to steer, brake, and accelerate within its lane. Independent to the car, the tesla allows its own updates and advancements to provide new features over time. With navigation, the tesla will suggest lane changes to get around slow cars or trucks. With the advanced cameras and sensors, the autopilot is able to navigate through windy roads with just driver supervision, not intervention. All of this is designed to be the safest it can be, though all drivers should stay alert and ready to take control. Multiple warnings over anything that is possibly occuring pops up on the screen to inform the driver, such as front and side collision warnings. All of these advanced opportunites are available with responsible drivers and many safety precatutions such as staying alert at all times behind the wheel.

In my opinion, the self-driving mode that each tesla model offers is something that can be loved or hated. It is definitely something to get used to but I think that as time goes on, they will get more and more advanced and safe. From personal experience, it does know what it is doing, there is hardly ever a need for complete override on the drivers' part. I think that while it is still developing completely, it has a great start.


Do you think Tesla's autopilot driving mode is safe?

Would you ride in a self-driving Tesla?

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  • I think Tesla can be as safe as some humans. Many humans get distracted by their phones or other people in the car and end up crashing. It ultimately depends on who the person is because some people are very good at driving and not getting distracted. Personally, I would ride in a self-driving Tesla. 

    • That makes sense, many crashes, if not most happen because of human distraction occurance. If the autopilot mode has a driver that is still alert and prepared to override if needed, wouldn't that help?

  • I dont know, I think there are good reasons why it would be safe and why it would be unsafe. It might be super safe because there's cameras and other things making it safe, but it could also be unsafe since it's trusting technology with your life. I would ride in a self-driving tessla on a highway or in town. 

    • Yes, most people have mixed feelings about the topic. You are kind of trusting technology with your life but it's not much different then being on your phone (technology) and crashing. There are many different ways to view the topic.

  • I think that the autopilot driving mode is a little risky. It has cameras and sensors, but they might fail one day. I get that they pick up any people, dogs, objects, and cars, but you never know. Personally I don't think I'll ever ride one of these because it is too risky.

  • Think that the autopilot is safe. I think it is safe because it is always getting updates and it has sensors and cameras. Plus if the car does not sense something you take over it because you are watching. And personally, I would ride in  a self-driving, Tesla

  • I don't think it's very safe. It's sketchy to think that a car knows when to stop or go and if a car is in front or next to you. I don't think it's safe to give basically a robot full control of your vehicle. It seems a lot safer when you have control in your own possession and you can drive the way comfortable to you. I wouldn't ride in a self-driving Tesla because I would feel very unsafe.

    • That is understandable, they migt seem unsafe in a way but thankfully the telsa isn't in FULL control. The driver can always override at anytime.

  • I think tesla self driving mode is not ready to be released to the public yet and should be taken back for more updates and improvements as I've already heard stories about self driving kills and I haven't even been paying attention to it that much. I personally would not ride a self-driving Tesla as I hate electric cars or hybrids and think we are not in need of them quite yet.

    • That can totally be your opinion, don't you think that as technology advances in our world, we should adapt to it in a way? 

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