Is Tesla's self driving mode safe?

Tesla's have been engineered to be the safest cars in the world. They believe that technology will improve safety. The Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y have all been tested by the U.S. government's New Car Assesment program and achieved the lowest overall possibility of injury of amoung all the other cars that they have tested. 

The question is... Are they really that safe?

They have advanced sensor coverage that has 360 degrees of visibility and up to 270 meters of range. The autopilot mode in tesla vehichles allows the car to steer, brake, and accelerate within its lane. Independent to the car, the tesla allows its own updates and advancements to provide new features over time. With navigation, the tesla will suggest lane changes to get around slow cars or trucks. With the advanced cameras and sensors, the autopilot is able to navigate through windy roads with just driver supervision, not intervention. All of this is designed to be the safest it can be, though all drivers should stay alert and ready to take control. Multiple warnings over anything that is possibly occuring pops up on the screen to inform the driver, such as front and side collision warnings. All of these advanced opportunites are available with responsible drivers and many safety precatutions such as staying alert at all times behind the wheel.

In my opinion, the self-driving mode that each tesla model offers is something that can be loved or hated. It is definitely something to get used to but I think that as time goes on, they will get more and more advanced and safe. From personal experience, it does know what it is doing, there is hardly ever a need for complete override on the drivers' part. I think that while it is still developing completely, it has a great start.


Do you think Tesla's autopilot driving mode is safe?

Would you ride in a self-driving Tesla?

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  • I think that tesla autopilot is pretty safe, and if they were not safe, and didn't pass saftey test, they wouldn't  be legal to drive. Most likely in the next year or so there will be more statistics released tell if it is safe or not.  I eventually could trust it more if the technology continues to advance and become better.

    • Yes I agree, obviously it would have been approved enough to be legal if it wasn't safe for everyone. In the next year there will hopefully be much more statistics over the topic.

  • I know that Teslas are some of the safest cars for the driver and passengers. However, I do not know how safe the Teslas are for others on the road when they are on their autopilot mode. I just don't think that they are proven enough yet to be 100% trusted. 

    • I agree with what you mean, they aren't developed enough to be fully trusted to drive with little intervention. I think that with the driver staying readily alert, they aren't dangerous to other drivers.

  • I think that time will tell weather or not the autopilot driving mode is safe or not. Most likely in the nect year or s othere will be more statistics released tell if it is safe or not . I think that I would be very nervous to ride in one and if I was not in the drivers seat I probably wouldn't really enjoy the ride much if at all.

    • That makes sense, as time goes on they'll hopefull come out with more information and tests to know if they are safe enough.

  • I personally don't think that I would trust Tesla's autopilot. Even if it has been tested multiple times, I don't think I would feel safe just letting the car drive for me. It could end up being very bad and causing accidents. If I could ever try a self-driving Tesla I would try it for a short period of time and somewhere where I'm not around other cars or poeple. 

    • I see where you're coming from, they definitely take a lot of trust to take the step towards using the autopilot mode. While it is a bit scary, they have been tested and I think with a complete understanding, people will use it more eventually.

  • I do not belive Tesla's autopilot is safe. Things can go wrong with technology and sometimes fail, and I know these things are hard to happen with good technology but at the same time its still a 50/50 chance it will happen. Not only hacking is a problem but so is malfunctions. we know it has sesorys to lead where its going and to detect other cars or any objects but if a sensory fails that won't be any good.

    • Things can go wrong because they are in fact, not real people. That is the whole reason why drivers need to stay alert behind the wheel just in case there is a need for driver override. The sensors and cameras will most likely not fail, but possibly scan or interpret something wrong. 

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