Is Being An Only Child Better Than Having Siblings?

Is being an only child better than having siblings? 



Parents usually spend more time with an only child. Having other siblings causes less one on one time with parents. Don't get me wrong I love my little siblings but I wish I were an only child so I could spend more time with my parents. 



There are disadvantages to being an only child. One of the disadvantages is that the child could become lonely with no other kids their age to play and fight with. Another thing is sharing with other kids since this child has been an only child they won't know how to share with other kids when they go to school/play dates. An only child feels it's difficult to interact with other kids too because all they are used to is their parents. 



Kids growing up with siblings generally spend more time with each other rather than with their parents. Their relationship is likely to last longer and they can shape up against each other's personalities. They get to understand the value of relationships, love, and family at an early age. Children will be able to strengthen their communication skills by watching and listening to their siblings. The older sibling is most likely the role model and the younger sibling will learn faster. 

What are your thoughts on having siblings or being an only child? 

When you can have kids, will you have one or multiple? Why? 

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  • Good topic choice Lexie! I would like to see more data with sources talking abouit this topic. I would also like to see you reply more than three times. You also posted late.

  • I think that having siblings is more beneficial. You have to learn to share and have many memories together that you can look back and laugh on. I do this with my siblings, and they don't laugh yet, but when they are older I know they will. 

  • I think that having siblings is somewhat beneficial,  if you have siblings than you have another person to help you in school and to pick you up from sports. If you're an only child you're usually spoiled silly and have social issues.

  • I personally believe that having siblings would be way better then being a only child because you are able to connect with your siblings and have great memories together that none of you will forget. I also think that it would get lonly being an only child.

  • I think there are positives and negatives in both situations. Personally, I think the positives to having siblings outweigh the negatives, and I’m glad I am not an only child. I also think it is beneficial for kids to grow up with siblings because it might be just another way for them to learn to share. 

  • I think in the long run, NOT being an only child is an advantage for the kids. When you have to learn how to share and deal with less attention, you have a clear advantage over only children. Typically, only children are more "spoiled". I think having siblings is a true advantage for the rest of your life when you're competing with someone for a job or a promotion.

  • I feel like having siblings is way better than being an only child because at least with siblings you will have someone to mess around with and you won't be lonely all the time because you won't have anyone at your house exept your parents and every day when you get done with school no one would pick you up.

    • Jocelyn makes me not lonely too, Jonas.

  • I would personally prefer if I was an only child because my parents would have more time and resources for me. I know people who are only children want siblings, but I think that my siblings can sometimes inhibit my maximum potential. If I were an only child, I don't think that I would be any less social.

  • I think it is good for kids to have siblings to interact and make connections with. By having a sibling the kid may learn better social skills, and know how to interect and play with other kids. Yes only kids may spend more time with their parents, but the parents can not make up for the connection kids can buld with their siblings.

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